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Checklist: 10 reasons you need BlackBerry UEM to secure your digital workplace

Sponsored by BlackBerry

With the Public Service now mandating flexible and remote work as an employee choice, the pressure is for agencies to make sure they have what it takes to deliver a strong and flexible security posture fit for modern ways of working.

There are many positives to flexible work, but there’s also a constantly evolving set of risks and threats that come with it, with agencies now responsible for making sure they have what it takes to best protect themselves, including reviewing digital policies and protections.

A proven key security approach now being embraced is unified endpoint management (UEM) and policy control, and its something agencies need to be on top of. The good news is there are easy tools and guides to get you up to speed.

If your workforce needs to stay productive and protected, UEM allows organisations to secure and manage multiple devices from one place. It can securely deploy corporate apps on BYO Devices, encrypt data for secure communications between devices and more.

The fast and easy way to assess what needs to happen is a simple checklist to learn more about the options and approaches available. It will help you answer important security questions including:

  • Are mission-crucial apps secure?
  • Do mobile devices have threat detection?
  • Is my personal and work data separate?

Plus, BlackBerry is providing a special Australian Public Sector offer to any UEM customers whose licences are up for renewal within the next 12 months when they download the checklist. This is an opportunity to perform a zero cost and frictionless replacement of your current UEM solution.

Download the checklist today.


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