Gorman wants ‘best minds’ working for the public service

By Anna Macdonald

October 28, 2023

Patrick Gorman
Assistant public service minister Patrick Gorman (r). (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Assistant public service minister Patrick Gorman has called for Australia’s best minds to join the public service.

Speaking on ABC radio, Gorman was asked whether the public service was having a staffing crisis.

The assistant minister said he would not use those words.

“If you think about all the things that frustrates people day to day,” Gorman said.

“You might be annoyed about the roads, you might be annoyed about how services are delivered, you might think that we need to be doing more when it comes to education.

“All those things somewhere has a policy sitting beneath it, that is helped to be developed by a public servant, decided on by members of parliament and the parliament itself.”

Gorman continued to tell the radio listeners a career in the bureaucracy was a “great career”.

“You get very good conditions, you’ll meet amazing people, you will make a positive impact on Australia. And it’s so much more than you’d think,” he said.

“You might help someone who’s got to retirement age is applying for their pension,” Gorman continued.

“That’s a pretty nice impact to make on someone’s life. So there’s great careers in the public service and I’ll always be a champion for it.”

The assistant minister was speaking to publicise the opening of the APS Academy in Townsville, within James Cook University.

Gorman encourage people to stop by the academy to learn more about becoming a public servant.

“So you can probably catch one of them and ask, ‘why did you become a public servant?’ Get some real feedback, not just from those, like myself, who might say, this is a great career, but people that are actually doing it,” he said.

“That’s a real opportunity to hear firsthand from public servants about the sort of impacts they make.”


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