6 Best Ad Management WordPress Plugins For Displaying Ads Anywhere You Want


The majority of blogs on the web are ad supported. No blog can survive without generating revenue by either displaying ads to people or by displaying affiliate banners or the ads of their own products.

From finding the best spot to display your ads, creating different types of them, and check what is performing well, what is not, is a task that requires a lot of time and effort, if only you had time after creating content for your blog.

WordPress Plugins for Ad Management come in handy for this purpose, and today, we will talk about few best options one can have to manage their ads.

Please su_note that the list is not in order of preference, I am making it in alphabetical order.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Okay, I usually prefer premium plugins because of the support and updates. Not all the premium plugins offer this but the one that does, it is worth investing money in them as they keep on introducing more features and keep working on making the plugins better.

If you are su_planning to sell Direct ads on your blog, your advertisers might appreciate if you offer them a number of options like, how will you charge for the ads (CPC, CPM, For a Fixed Period), how the ads are performing, when to run the campaign etc, then you should look at these plugins.



The best destination to find premium plugins with great support is CodeCanyon, and we found AdPress listed to be one of the best out there. It is a complete solution for managing ads, be it your own, affiliates or direct ads you have sold or want to sell on your blog.

It offers beautiful statistics so that you or an advertiser can see how the ads are performing.

There are Add-Ons that makes this plugin even more useful. Like the Advanced Checkout Add-On, which gives Advertisers the ability to buy an Ad without logging into your blog or creating an account on your blog.

Ads Pro


The best features of Ads Pro, or say, the Feature I liked the most is, the ability to show/hide ads at a specific time and date. It lets you put ads even outside your blog (in the background).

Apart from that, there are other Ad spots you can display your Ads, Floatings ads, inside a Pop-up, Exit Pop-up ad. and much more.

In short, Ads Pro offers more than 20 ways to display an Ad on your blog. And offers more than 25 templates for doing so. Ads templates like Paper Ads are quite innovative and will surely increase the CTR on the ads.

Unlike other premium plugins we’ve seen in this space, Ads Pro offers everything it has in a single plugin rather than introducing Add-Ons for adding specific features.

WP Advertising Pro

WP Advertising Pro is another premium plugin that offers pretty cool features apart from creating and managing ads. It Offers an Anti AdBlocker so that you can decide what to show to a user who is trying to be smart has installed an Ad Blocker.

Like AdPress, this plugin also offers Add-Ons to enhance its usability, like the Geo Targeting Ads Add-On has made my life easy by letting me promote affiliate products from local Amazon websites.

It also offers Add-Ons like Buy & Sells that lets Advertisers buy Ads directly and many other Add-Ons to compliment the plugins, like Pre-Post Ads to show Ads before sending the visitor to the page wants to read.

Free WordPress Plugins

QUADS (Quick Adsense Reloaded)


QUADS is the improved version of the already amazing Quick Adsense plugins I have been using from last few years. QUADS brings all the existing feature along with some great improvements. I am using it on a lot of my blogs, partly because it helps me disable AdSense ads on specific posts, which comes in handy when I get a policy email violation from Google.

Simple Ads Manager

One of the interesting features of Simple Ads Manager is to limit Ads after a certain number of hits, it provides stats for all the ads and lets users display ads based on different conditions, like post types, posts, pages, etc.

Plus, the ads can be controlled from one page which makes it easy to enable and disable ads on your blog.


WP-Injection offers everything you expect from an Ad Manager, plus a lot more things like showing Ads to Search Engines only or people coming from specific websites.

This is a very nice feature as you can be more aggressive on displaying ads to Search engines users and be sober to your regular users who will not click on the ads anyway. It offers one control panel that gives you control over the appearance of Ads on your blog in different spots.

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