7 Great Tools to Get More Productive at Work


The most important thing to be successful is to use your time effectively, Time is same for everyone. One cannot maximize or minimize it, but you can use less time to get more things done by using proper tools.

Google Chrome

Effective browser from Google, you should use it because its fast and have a clean layout, but the most important reason for you to use it is the availability of wide range of extensions which supercharge your work.

Use Gmail

You may have got a Google account, but chances are, you are using an email on your company’s domain and have configured it on your Desktop client like Outlook Express. If you are using Google Apps for mail on your Domain, then it’s fine but you can also use Gmail to import your POP/IMAP email accounts. While it doesn’t add much to the productivity, it gives you power to check your emails from anywhere easily and effectively.


If you use multiple computers to work then this is a lifesaver for you. Download and install Dropbox on your Computers and it will create a folder where you can keep your Office documents (be it any format) and it will keep the folder, on all your Computer.

Even mobile phone) synced so that you get the most recently updated document on any computer.


Evernote also acts like Dropbox, available for different platforms (Windows <Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry) but you need to put things (media files) inside the app, which is good because,

Unlike Dropbox, you don’t need additional application to open the documents). It is useful for taking notes, screenshots, and audios and keeps them synced across various platforms.

RSS Feed Management

I am sure you must be reading have been using Google Reader to read content from your favourite blogs.

Use Feedly, it Displays the feeds from your Google reader in a clean format and has few other features as well. It has helped me Scan important articles 3x the normal speed.


Either you use multiple twitter accounts or just one, Tweetdeck lets you manage your Twitter Experience pretty well.

You get to make columns of your Timeline, Mentions Hashtags and Inbox and scan them at one on a single page.

Sticky Notes

With so much information around and so many things to do, you may often forget few important tasks, there are plenty of tools to help you manage them.

But stick notes are the simplest tool for such things, they stick to your desktop and you can access them anytime. You can also download Desktop Notes if you want more functionality.

There are still so many tools left that can make you even more productive. Please share your tools in the comment and help other readers become more productive.


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