7 Tips How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Approved

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Getting your Google Adsense account approved these days is a heinous task as Google getting tougher and stringent in reviewing their applications for the sake of maintaining the quality of the publishers. They are also pretty strict these days in finding and penalizing the publishers who violates Google TOS.

Some of the tips that can encourage you to be successful in creating a Google Adsense account are as follows:

1. Use a top-level domain as this is where many fail. For Example, Apply for an account for www.mywebsite.com rather than www.mywebsite.com/blog. Nevertheless, ensure that you are the owner of this website, if so Google will instantaneously accept your application for Adsense.

2. Apply for an Adsense account, only when your domain is at least six months old and is necessary to ascertain that you are not a spammer and your website is real. Do not spam search engine with spammy contents.

3. In the first six months period your website, write as much as possible information that are unique, and have the credibility of being stated in the virtual world as a good and original content. Especially Google is being biased and unfortunately too stringent with application from countries like India.

Google accepts only those applications of websites that have a very higher amount of traffic. Some of the important points that you need to work on your website will include backlinks and search engine optimization. Increase the backlinks for your website by writing guest posts and leaving comments on do-follow blogs.

Google has the habit of updating page ranks once in three months, and is therefore good to check where your blog stands to get to know that you have a decent blog. As all these factors will definitely influence your approval.

4. Work hard to make your website prominent and improve the page views, page impressions and unique visitors. This will increase the chances of your website being approved much more easily.

5. Do not apply if your site has less content or your site is against Google TOS.

6. Use the same personal information that you have used during domain registration for your Adsense application, as this is necessary to get verified easily by Google Adsense. If not change, the details on your domain accordingly while applying for domain registration. Though they don’t verify it in all the cases, it is safe to have the same info.

7. Google likes serious bloggers and therefore it is good to show that you are not a spammer looking to make some quick money. Do not make Google innocently to turn suspicious about you.

Try these as the last means to get your account approved by Google, by applying through established services like Google Knol, hub pages, and much more. Hope these tips helps you out!!


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