Welcome to Asiogroup.Net

Asiogroup is a website that was built to provide resourceful knowledge to people who want to start their own website but have to struggle because of the wrong information just like I did while setting up my first website back in 2007.

In short, Asiogroup is a blog that tries to solve the problems faced by Beginners, Intermediates and even Expert. We try to cover every problem with the simplest solution. The blog is Founded and Maintained by Asif Ahmed.

Who is Asif Ahmed?

Asif Ahmed in his Home Office

My name is Asif and I am the owner of this blog. In 2007, I spent an entire week to set up this blog, it was all so overwhelming to build something when you have no technical knowledge of, but it was the excitement of blogging that kept me going.

Since then, I faced a lot of challenges in blogging, be it designing, writing or monetizing the blog, but I worked hard and learned all by myself.

Initially, the blog used to cover random stuff from business and tech world, but soon I started sharing things I was learning by creating different websites and managing them. Here is the business side of me.

I am now a full-time blogger and run a couple of websites, and I make a lot of mistakes, learn from them and then write about my experiences, case studies on this blog.

If you own a blog or want to own a blog, this is the blog for you. You will find tons to advise on starting your own website and making a living from it just like I do.