How to Add Queue Posts Feature to WordPress

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If you have used Tumblr, you might be aware of how useful the ‘Queue Post’ feature it. For those who don’t know about it, I’ll try to explain it below.

Queue Posts is where you the selected posts get publishers after a certain interval of time. Say, for example, you queued 6 posts and you have set these queued posts to get published every 8 hours. These queued posts will be posted one by one every 8 hours.

How Queued Posts is Different from Post Scheduling?

Now, I hear you say that this thing can be achieved by scheduling posts also, why bother to get an another feature?

Well, it surely can be done by Scheduling the posts in a future date, but won’t it be too much of brain work keeping the track of the dates. Especially if you are running a Niche site where you write only when you get time. You won’t be able to remember where to continue scheduling from if you come back to your blog to write a post after a week.

Queue Posts feature is pretty useful in scenarios like these, it is also useful for websites that get updated frequently, like Multi-Authored blogs.

Every author can Queue posts and they will be published on the blog on an equal interval of time.

How to get the Queue Posts feature in WordPress?

The simple (and obvious) answer is Plugins. But which one? we will mention it below.

Though there are not too many plugins in the WordPress Plugins Repository, It can still confuse you as to which one to use.

After, trying a few, I settled down with ‘Add to Queue‘ Plugin for one of my niche sites. I chose this plugin because it offers options to make it work according to you.

You can choose the default category, in case you forget to choose manually at the time of writing the post in the Post editor.

You can choose the days and time when you want the Queued posts to get published and the time interval between posts, for example, I’ve put 1440 Minutes to make the Queued posts to get published exactly after 24 hours.

‘Add to Queue’ plugin adds a small check box just above the Publish su_button in the WordPress Post editor.

It is helping me manage my niche sites as I can write posts in batches and then simply add them to queue.

➤ Install Add to Queue


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