Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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There are many ways to monetize your website, one of it is Affiliate Marketing, it is simply promoting the products from your niche and getting a commission when a product is sold via you link.

It is the type of monetization method I am trying on several of my blogs, and it seems to be working really well and I think I am on a stage where I can share my experiences and learning with you all.

So, here are few things you should keep in mind.

Doing Honest Product Reviews will Help

Putting banners in the sidebar won’t help you make the conversions better. What I have found that honest product reviews of an affiliated product will convert much better, just tell things about the product, who it is for, who it is not for, how better it is and how it has made your life easy if you have used it. People really want to read about the experiences of a user before buying a product.

Ask for a Special Discount from the Product Create for your readers.

When you do this, your readers feel special, tell them that you have asked the creator of the product to offer a special discount exclusively for your readers. If that is not possible, try rewarding people with things, more on this on the other point.

Reward your readers for buying the affiliated product.

Like I told you in the above point, rewarding doesn’t have to be just in a form of a discount or a cash back. Start offering them free help, write regarding the problems faced by people related to the product, write tutorials, etc. Create more quality content that actually make your reader’s lives happy.

Pick two related products from your niche and create a comparison article, compare everything from features to price do a bit of research and see which one is being preferred by the majority of people, mention that in the post. People really want to know what is best suited to them or they also make the buying decision on the basis of what others are buying.

Creating an email list and promoting the affiliated products through it.

So, if you have been reading all those popular blogs, you know the importance of creating an email list, is if the list of people who are impressed with your content want more of it, do not put affiliate products in their face, but just follow the above points and send these good people to those pages, the rest will be taken care of.

Use all the possible methods of generating traffic to your blog.

Though traffic does not depends on how much conversion you will have, but getting targeted traffic really helps, so try getting as much targeted traffic you
want, here is a link to a helpful article regarding generating traffic to your blog.


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