Building websites used to be way too technical back in 90s, thankfully, when the blogs started to become popular, many services and software emerged that let you create blogs in few minutes. WordPress is one of the awesome platform that makes creating blogs easy.

But building a blog using WordPress is still challenging for non-techies and first timers. When created my first blog in 2007, it took me almost a week to set up the domain name with hosting. It was most than 10 days that I started writing on my blog. Fast forward to 2013, I can create blogs in less than 30 minutes.

Yes, just 30 minutes, from Idea to registering a domain name to setting up hosting to writing my first blog post.

I have written this eBook to help all the first timers there so that they don’t have to struggle and waste 7 days of their life that could be done in an hour or so using a step by step guide.

The Guide was written back in 2009 but the basics remain the same and this guide will still help you in 2013.

What this eBook is about.

As the title of this post, say, it is about creating blogs in Easy Steps. I know, many eBooks has been written about creating blogs, but, as the technology keeps changing, All that information seems to be little outdated to me.

That is why I took my time creating something which will be helpful to people, who want to start their own online venture.

Why should you read it?

This eBook is for people who currently, don’t have any blog or have a .blogspot or .Wordpress blog. This eBook shows how you can make your blog on a domain name, that will give your blog a professional look and you can start your journey to make online income.

Simply click the download button below, that’s it, now email required. Just one thing, please share this page with others who need help in setting up their first blog instead of sending them the copy. I think I am not asking for much in return. Hope to see you visit the blog again as we have tons of valuable information for you once you start your blog.

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