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SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO is an important part and requires a lot of learning and effort to master it, it might overwhelm the people who have just started, we have always advised newbies to keep creating quality content and rest of the things can be learned on the way. Yoast gives easy options to optimize a post with keywords and proper headings.

Google XML Sitemaps

Yoast Plugin also has the feature of creating sitemaps  but Google XML Sitemaps is easier and less complicated which I have been using on all my sites.

Ultimate NoFollow

Ultimate NoFollow plugin does a very simple job and does it well, it adds an option in the WordPress editor to add ‘Nofollow’ tag to any links, which is pretty useful these days.

SEO Friends Images

Images can play an important role in getting targeted traffic. A lot of people do an image search to find something visually, SEO Friendly Images Plugins automatically adds alt and title attribute to all the images on your site making it relevant to the posts so that people can find them and visit on your blog.



Spam is something we all bloggers fight every day, this blog alone has got over one hundred thousand spam comments this year, but thanks to Akismet, I didn’t have to worry about it, it works really well in detecting and deleting spam comments on blogs.

Login LockDown

One best thing you can do to save your WordPress blog from hackers is to install this plugin, it records the IP address of every failed login attempt and blocks access to your blog after a certain number of failed trials, pretty useful in securing your blog fro brute force attack.

WP Re-Captcha

This plugin adds a Captcha to registration and login forms preventing bots and hackers from hijacking your account or spamming your email.


Mashable Like Share Buttons (Premium)

Big & Flat Buttons are quite popular with blogger these days, you may have seen them on sites like Mashable and Upworthy, this plugin lets you choose a variety of templates that make sharing buttons look good on your site.

Digg Digg (Floating Buttons)

Digg Digg is the set of floating buttons you may have seen on several blogs, the buttons that stay on the left-hand side vertically till the end of the page. They also look good and increase shares of your pages.

Evergreen Post Tweeter

All your blog content gets lost in the archives as the new content in published, this plugin will make sure your evergreen content still gets exposed to your new followers on Twitter. It lets you tweet your blog posts automatically with so many options to select like tweet frequency, selected category, how old a content should be to get tweeted.


WP MashSocial Widget

Get the buttons and links of your blog’s account on every social networking channel at one place. Use this nicely done widget in your sidebar. It’s an awesome plugin to increase subscriptions to your media channels.

Popup Domination (Premium)

If you are planning to use email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp etc to capture emails of your visitors for your newsletter, this plugin can increase the opt-in rate by up to 700%. As you may have read that money is in the list.

Ninja Popups (Premium)

Ninja Popups is a great plugin to showcase your content by popping it out to the visitor. You can use this plugin for various purposes such as popping up Subscription box, Facebook Like box, a video or a special offer. It lets you do it all.



Recently, the themes with infinite scrolling or endless scrolling have become popular, we are talking about the sites that keep showing posts from other pages when you scroll down and there is literally no end.

WP-Live Edit

Install this plugin and you will be able to edit your posts right from the published lives pages. This is a big time saves if your work requires you to do a lot of edits to the posts.

User Avatar

If you run a Multi-author site, this feature will enable your authors to upload custom avatars that will show their custom pics in the about section. This feature cuts down the step of asking your authors to sign up at to get an avatar.


It lets your clean your blog’s database by deleting useless entries, post revisions, spam comments, auto saves etc. An optimized database will help your blog load much faster, so it is much recommended,

W3 Total Cache

This plugin plays the most important role in optimizing a WordPress blog that loads faster. This amazing plugin improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.