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FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, this page contains the solution to all the common questions that we get by our readers from time to time. We try our best to solve each and every problem.

What is a blog?
A blog is a type of website that publishes content at a regular interval of time (daily, weekly or monthly). The the entries you make is called posts and the recently published posts appear on the top.

Many people have been using a blog to express their thoughts to the world, many write about a specific topic and many do interviews, product reviews etc. Every website where you see posts are being published on a regular basis is a blog

Do I need to know coding to start a blog? /How do I set up a blog?

No, you don’t need to be a coder, I am an HTML phobic myself, but I have made a few nice looking websites on the web. I have put together an eBook that will walk you through the process of creating your first blog.

How much is the cost involved in owning a blog?

Not much, a domain name costs around $10/yearly and the hosting can be around $5/month initially, but can go to as much as $100/month when you start getting tons of visitors to your blog, don’t worry, you will be able to afford it quite easily as your blog would be making much more by that time. You can get some discount on these deals.

Do I need a fast Internet connection to blog?

I started with an EDGE internet by connecting my phone to the PC and am now on a 8mbps connection. If most of your content if going to be text based, you don’t ned that fast connection, but if you are planning to do Videos, Podcast and stuff like that, you might need a fast internet connection otherwise it’s fine to work on slow internet.

I am not a good writer. Can I still blog?

Of course you can, I feel like killing my self when I look back and read the posts I published in 2007, they were really bad, scribbling of a teenager.  That has improved a lot over time. So, if you want to improve you writing, get started, you will learn only when you start.

Can I copy your (or someone else's) blog posts and publish them on my blog?

You might do that, (I mean who would I stop you doing that) but that will not help you in the long run (or maybe, even in the short run as well), Forget getting any search engine traffic, forget to get approved in Google Adsense, be ready to get a copyright notice, be ready to get your hosting account suspended, and be ready to spoil your image in Social Media. Now tell me, is it worth taking the risk? you decide. 🙂 

The .com domain name I wanted is already booked, which is the 2nd best?

Some will say it is a .org and some will even say .net. I have this site on .net and my other tech blog on .org, I don’t see a big difference here, but I suggest you to go with .net, you you want, you can by the .org as well and redirect it to .net, but keep your site on .net.

People seem to remember a .net domain easily than a .org domain name.

How long will it take to make money from my blog?

That’s a tough question to ask, but let’s take it this way, how much time can you give you your blog? if you plan to do it full time, you can start making money very early if you follow a proper plan. If you want to start it as a part time, then it might take few more months, maybe 6 months or more, but this also depends on what topic you choose to start a blog on, or if you are Brad Pitt or someone famous. 

How can I make money from my blog?

This really can’t be answered in a one line answer on a FAQs page, you might want to read few posts from the Archives on this blog or you might want to check this page also

How Can I make my blog look professional?

Make it look unique, a beautiful design, easy navigation, adding a voice and face to your blog can help your blog look professional. 

How can I bring traffic to my blog?

This is the question that is in the minds of each and every blogger, even the famous ones. Bringing traffic to the blog is quite tough. There are three main sources to get traffic from,

1) Search engine traffic,

2) Social Media Traffic,

3), Direct Traffic (from Email lists, word of mouth etc).

Check out the articles to know more about them. 

How often should I blog?

You mean how often you should publish posts on your blog? Well, that depends, if your blog is about a topic where a lot of things are happening, then you have to write more, 3 to 5 posts per day, and if the topic is something related to art or craft or you post tips and tutorials on that topic, it can be as low as 2 posts a week.

But whatever you choose, stick to it. Keep the content consistent, because this is one this that will take your blog to the next level. 

What tools do I need to blog?

When you set up your blog , you can post articles to it right away, and you do not need any tool for that, but there are few tools that will help you take some efforts off your shoulder, here is a page where I have listed all the tools I use for my blogging

Can I make a full time income from my blog?

You very well can, I have been doing that from past 7 years, But it’s not the same amount every month, sometimes there is an increase and sometimes the income decreases, it’s just like any other business. So, do it only if you have away to feed yourself until you start making money from your blog. 

Why my Adsense is not working?

Assuming you are not copying content from anywhere, here are few things you should avoid that may get your Adsense banned. Now, there are few tips that may help you increase your Adsense earnings.