FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, this page contains the solution to all the common questions that we get by our readers from time to time. We try our best to solve each and every problem.

What is a blog?
Do I need to know coding to start a blog? /How do I set up a blog?
How much is the cost involved in owning a blog?
Do I need a fast Internet connection to blog?
I am not a good writer. Can I still blog?
Can I copy your (or someone else's) blog posts and publish them on my blog?
The .com domain name I wanted is already booked, which is the 2nd best?
How long will it take to make money from my blog?
How can I make money from my blog?
How Can I make my blog look professional?
How can I bring traffic to my blog?
How often should I blog?
What tools do I need to blog?
Can I make a full time income from my blog?
Why my Adsense is not working?