Glossary contains the meanings and definitions of the industry jargon newbies have tough time to understand. Click on the plus (+) sign to find the definition.

CMS (Content Management System), is a web software that helps you create, publish, edit and manage the content on a server in an organized manner.
WYSIWYG is the acronym of What You See Is What You Get, which means exactly what is says, it is an editor where you put graphics and text and format them to see how it is going to look when published. It takes care of the html files and lets you create webpages without actually writing in codes.
Like the WordPress is an CMS, which helps you create and publish content on the web, themes are the skins that has a ready made design that can be implemented to a blog. You can just upload and activate the theme and you get a completely different design on your blog.
Responsive Themes
It is a type of theme that can change the width of the content area, sidebar and other elements of a blog design according to the screen size of the device you are browsing the blog on. The plus point of this type of design is that the content is easy to read and the design looks great on small screens as well.
Plugins are extra piece of codes that add functionality to a blog. If we talk about WordPress Plugins, they help you add a feature to your blog without having to learn anything about coding and all.
Widgets in WordPress is the easiest way to add something on a webpage. A WordPress blog has themes which has widget areas enabled at different areas of a webpage so that a widget, containing some code, text or function, can be dragged to that location without doing to tough code work.
Robots.txt is a text file that stays on the server of your blog and can be accesses at it is used by search engines like Google to crawl webpages of a blog. Robot.txt can be used to block a particular page or a directory from crawling by search engines.
Search Engine Optimization is a term given to the techniques and efforts to optimize a website so that Search Engines like Google can rank them well and it gets good position which will bring good amount of search engines traffic to the website.
On Page SEO
On Page SEO is a part of SEO where you do things that can be done at your end on the page itself, which is under you control. Things like Keywords, proper usage of heading tags and many more techniques fall under On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO is a part of SEO where you try to optimize a webpage by building backlinks using guest posts, commenting on other blogs and doing submitting the webpage to the web directories, the off page SEO is not directly under your control.
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is a type of Hosting where multiple websites are being hosted, the numbers range from 3 to 100. Image a big room rented out to a number of people. Few people take more space and few take less but they all have a bigger room with extra perks, the only problem is that you share it with n number of people.
VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting means that a web server multiple web hosting in a in a virtual environment, think of it as a big room which has been divided using cabins and you own the space allocated to you, no one else can use that, you get the privacy and you pay when you need extra space or features.
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting is something like different rooms for everyone, you pay a premium price for these separate rooms but it is secure and you own the entire space.

Permalink is the link structure of a webpage, the URL of a webpage can be changed when setting up a website but has to be permanent in nature because it is a link people will follow to land on the respective pages. In WordPress, the default permalinks are something like this, which can be changed to different sets like date/post title/ which looks like

or just

http://yoursite/post title/ which looks like

Posts Slug
Post Slug is used to set a permalink for a particular post, if you have enabled custom permalimk, WordPress sets the post slugs from the words used in the post title, but you can change it accordingly, it can be used to remove few words to make it short if the post title is too long.
RSS or Rich Site Summery simple means the syndication of the content of a blog. In plain english it means that the process of getting the updated information from a website, such as a newly published blog entry. It is being widely used for getting latest updates from your favourite blogs
Backlinks is simple a link from another site that is pointing to one of your blog pages, it is important part of SEO or say an important factor to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing etc.
PageRank is an internal evaluation of a webpage by Google, it is one of many factors taken in consideration when a webpages is ranked in Google Search. It used to be of a lot of importance but not anymore as Google has been adding more factors to evaluate the value of a link.
Shortcodes are keywords that are assigned bigger codes and are used to call the bigger code to work. The keyword is used in a post inside a [bracket] which calls the predefined dynamic content be shown in place of the keyword.
Self Hosted Blog
A self hosted blog is something where you have to do almost everything from buying a hosting space, installing scripts, maintenance etc. That doesn’t mean you have to be a hardcode programmer, it’s just that you are on your own but you also have the freedom of scaling up and doing some major modifications. WordPress.Org offers Free download of the WordPress which can be installed on a server you purchase.

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Hosted Blogs
Hosted blogs, on the other hand, are the ones where you just have to sign up just like on any other websites like Gmail, Facebook etc and they let you create a blog where you can publish content regularly. everything is managed by the service provider but you have certain limitations. a blog on is an example of hosted blogs, one of the limitations of hosted blog is that you can’t install plugins and make your own theme for a custom design.
Open Source Software
Open Source Software is a kind of computer software which is made available to the public for free with a permissions to customize, modify and make edits to it to make it better. It is collaborative in nature and different people from iffeent parts of the world collaborate to make it better. is one such great open source softwsre which powers over 205 ofthe websites on the world wide web.
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