A 7-day email course to know how to turn your blog profitable.

Kickstart 2017 by making a promise to yourself. You will work harder towards your goals, you will create a sustainable income from your blog. You will make profit from your blog. 

But How to do this? 

This is the key question, and the answer is tricky, it’s confusing. When there are a dozen people trying to tell you different things, it’s really tough to choose one path that will lead you to success. 

I have been in a similar situation a few years ago, I still don’t know everything, but fortunately, my blogs are profitable. I am putting all I know in a 7-day email series. You can sign up and learn the step by step guide to choosing the path of success. 

Day 1: Welcome email & Introduction to the Course

Day 2: Evaluating the blog, Traffic, Content

Day 3: Building a list   

Day 4: Figuring out the Monetization model

Day 5: Creating your first product or service

Day 6: Promoting your product or service

Day 7: Scaling the method that works