The Best Social Sharing Buttons for WordPress

essb_pluginWeather you are looking for a Mashable like Share buttons or the Upworthy style Share buttons, you search for it ends here, I am writing about this plugin to let everyone know that it exists. The short version is, go check out this plugin, you can read the longer version below.

We all know the need of promoting your content on Social Networking Sites, the easier it is for your readers to share your content, the more shares you get for your content.

Though there are so many social share buttons available, finding the perfect one which works well and also blends with the design of your website is quite a task.

I have used several social share buttons since I started blogging but I never found a single plugins that has everything that I need, Simple Social Share Buttons was the closest which offered nice looking buttons, Also offered custom buttons, but the share buttons opened in a separate tab rather than pop up window.

The latest trend in this field is the new flat design, big bold icons, like the Share buttons on sites Mashable and Upworthy. They look great and offer nice features as well.


Though they are custom coded, I searched on the web to find similar buttons with same looks and features, and finally found this Easy Social Share Buttons on CodeCanyon, It is a paid plugins which costs around $11, but the number of features it offers is quite cool.

It offers a number of placements options (over 8 ways to show the buttons) and then there are shortcodes to show them anywhere you want.

The best part of the plugin for me is the ability to customize the text on the buttons, something like ‘Share on Facebook’, ‘Tweet’, ‘Plus on Google’ or translate that in any language you want.

I have been using this plugin on a couple of my blogs with different look but it just works fine on every blog, goes well with the design on the blogs as well.

Here are few screenshots of these buttons in action.

On this blog (


On our food blog (Evergreen Recipes)


On our leisure blog.


All these screenshots are of single post and the placement of buttons is above the post, yet they don’t make the design look bad.

So, I think it’s nice to spend $11 on this plugin rather than spend time finding and trying multiple plugins, modifying them and still not feel happy about it.

Go checkout this plugin.

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  1. What are the ones you’re using on this article please?

    Also I got pestered by a bunch of pop ups here, they’re more likely to drive people away than help you.

    • Hi Phil,
      I am using exactly this plunging right now.

      And sorry for the pop ups.
      I have been testing this a plugin to increase subscription rate on the blog. Testing products is a part of my job here.
      The pop up usually appears once when the reader is ready to leave the site.
      But if you got more than one, then there is definitely some problem which I’ll try find and fix.
      Thanks for your comment.


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