7 Best Tools to Create Highly Visual Infographics to Going Viral

Looking at how fast the world is today, every piece of content today needs some kind of visual element to grab the attention of the visitors.

Talking about visual content, Infographic is the word that comes to our minds, but we also know how time-consuming, and expensive it could be to create an infographic.

This is, perhaps, the reason why the there area has still got a lot of Scope. Remember, if it was easy, everybody would do it.

Before I start listing out the best tools to create infographics for your blog, I want you to know why you should create info graphics even if it takes slightly more time than a usual post.

There is no denying that Visual Content performs better on Social Media. People have less attention span and markers have been finding ways to grab their attention with the help of visual content.

If you have a lengthy post filled with interesting data, the infographics can help you present it in a more spiced up manner.

It need not be a complete rip off of your text content, but could very well work as a teaser for the users on Social Media to grab them back to your website to read more about it.

I’ve written a details post regarding why you should present your content in different formats to attract maximum eyeballs to convert them into whatever action you want them to perform.

Moving on to the list of best tools to create infographics for highly visual content and increasing its probability to get viral.


Canva would be my first choice of tool for creating stunning infographics. It is not just a tool to create infographics, but any type of graphic for your blog or business.

You simply have to create an account, select a template or choose an empty canva of your own choice of dimensions. Then you can either use all the free icons, fonts, graphics available and upload your own.

You can create professional looking graphics, or in this case, Infographics on your own. All you need is a bit of time to get the quality that will go viral.


Piktochart is another great free tool to create stunning infographics. it offers tons of templates which have already proven to work among the users.

Just a bunch of modifications and changing the numbers and you get yourself a stunning infographic that you can share on your Social Media channels,


The minimalistic and straightforward UI of Infogram is what makes this tool stand out.

It looks familiar to Adobe Photoshop, and if you have used to tool, you will find using this tool easy


Venngage also offers a lot of already designed templates for you to choose from, then you can add the charts and icons you want to add and then customize the color and numbers for making it relevant to your niche.


Visme is another tool to make Infographic creation easy. If the numbers and data you want to show consists of charts and graphs, this is the best-suited tool as you only have to make edits to the already provided graphics and charts.

Mind the Graph

The Mind the Graph website makes the tedious task of creating infographics a rather fun experience. Choose from a bunch of templates to speed up the process, by filling up your numbers and doing modifications.


If you’ve been creating a lot of Power Point Presentation (PPTs), you will find easel.ly quite familiarity.

You can either start a fresh or choose a template, remove or add icons and text to it to create a good looking and unique chart for the infographic.

So, this was the list of the best tools for creating infographics. After knowing about these tools I am sure it won’t be tough for you to create infographics for your own blog. 

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