Learn from Viral Blogs to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

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Learn from Viral Blogs

Over the past few years, we have seen a new trend on the internet, that is, Viral content. We come across such content at least once every day.

Even when we try to ignore them, they land in our Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline. Our friends are constantly sharing such content.

And the way these stories build curiosity by using sensational headlines, force us to check at least one of many posts that appear in our newsfeed.

No matter how much you Hate it, but the fact remains the same, it works wonderfully for the blogs filled with Viral content. And we can actually learn a few things from them for our own blogs.

How? I’m glad you asked, stay with me till the end of this post and you will be very well aware of it.

These Viral blogs cover everything that falls under the sun, which creates curiosity, these are mainly,

(a) a list of things,

(b) a shocking video,

(c) a heartwarming story that they get from other sources.

In simple terms, they take something which is already there, repackage it, present it in a more visual manner and serve it to the readers by using an enticing headline.

You too can use a combination of things for your own tech blog, or car blog or a dog blog. Let’s take the example of a ‘Pet Blog’ for the ease of understanding how it works.

You’ve got a blog where you talk about pets, you can come up with

a) a different list of Pets doing funny things, or

b) a list of most adorable cat pics. (I’ve actually started seeing people doing this sort of thing)

Get the Best Images for Your post

Go out and looks for most relevant pics for your list, put them in your list (by asking for original author’s permission to include them). You can also find many publicly available images that you can use, or go to Check out these best visually appealing WordPress themes and search for images that are available under Creative Commons.

The list should contain at least 10 points, (though, a shorter list can be good too, but a longer list maximizes the chances that your post will make more people happy). Write a one or two lines for each of the point you mention in your list.

[note note_color=”#fffda6″ radius=”5″]

9 Sources to Get Royalty Free Photos for Your Blog Posts


Write a Sensational Headline for your post

Take some time to think of an amazing headline that can target the larger group of people. Do not use less common terms that may sound nice but no one actually understands the exact meaning.

Then there are few power words, Here is a list of powerful words you can use in your headlines.

It is a big winner because these power words trigger that emotion in a user that he/she clicks on the link to read it.

Choose the most suitable Social Platform to share your posts

You may have noticed something about Viral blogs, they tend to perform too well on one platform but are just like any other regular blog on other platforms. This is because they focus on only the platform that works for them. They put all their energy into it to get the maximum results. You should do the same.

Showcase more content to from your blog to the readers

The other thing to notice in these Viral blogs is the presentation of content in a way that you end up consuming more content on the blog. A visually appealing design that showcases more exciting and relevant content on the blog page will work for almost any blog. Check out these best visually appealing WordPress themes.

Effective use of Sharing Buttons on your blog

I have seen many blogs applying this technique already. We can now see the bigger, beautiful sharing buttons on all the popular blogs, and how they show up inline with the content asking us to share the post on our Facebook or Twitter. The Easy Social Share Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to get any kind of popular buttons you want, be it Mashable style, Unworthy style, Copyblogger style or you want to have your own style. ESSB makes it so easy. Check out the full review of the plugin.

So, this is all you can learn from a viral blog and apply it in your own blogging no matter what niche you are in, you will get the idea how to make your posts more exciting. Thanks for reading.


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