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Tools and Tips To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

Tools and Tips To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

If you are looking to promote or start a blog then the most important thing is choosing a Domain Name, believe me it is the most important aspect. You will never understand how well your domain name could promote your business, unless you realize that the domain name of your website is like the banner for your shop and the logo for your brand. So take the utmost care in choosing your domain name, if you are looking to buy one domain then there are few things which must be taken care of.

If you learn about few tools and tips to find that perfect domain name to start your online business or blog.

Tools to Find the perfect Domain Name

1: Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search has been one of my favourite tools to brainstorm domain names for my projects. The beautify of this web app is that it suggests you domain names at the same time telling you if the word you have typed is available as domain name or not. It also shows all the domain names at rare up for auction. Helps make the decision fast.

2: Impossibility

As the name suggests, it makes the impossible possible, by letting you find your desired domain name by adding a 4/5/6 letter adjective/verb/noun to the beginning/end of the word you type. Gives stream of available names to take.

3: Lean Domain Search

If you are not sure what you are looking for, just head over to Lean Domain Search, type a word and hit enter. This website will throwback thousands of available domain names related to that word. Enough data to choose from.

4: Domainr

If you are okay with domain hacks (e.g: asiogro.up or domai.nr, where the extension complete the word), Domain is a website to look for. It shown all the available domain hacks as well as normal domain names in a snap. Such domain names are short and are easy to remember.

Tips to Find the Perfect Domain Name

1: Brainstorm your ideas

When you are thinking of starting a website then at first you will start thinking of a domain name which will boost the name of your brand. The best way to choose domain name is to brainstorm as many ideas as possible and choose the first and the top five, from which you can choose your unique domain name. What you can do at this stage is to collect all the ideas and shortlist the exclusive ones that will better cater to your needs.

2: Prefer .com TLDs

It is always recommended to use .COM extensions as it is being considered as a branded TLD in the internet. Unless you think that it is hard to find a good domain name in other TLDs it is always recommended to go with .COM. There are also other advantages as well, like .Com TLDs can help you a lot when you do SEO for it, if you are not getting .COM then go for .net and .org.

3: Choose the easy to type and remember domain names

When you find that the domain names are difficult to type, reject them instantly though they sound convincing and catchy or easy to remember. Keep the domain names as short as four to ten characters as shorter the name, easier are they to remember. This way you will find making the users feel easy to type your website address without errors and is easy to disseminate on a number of places, like your business cards, brochures, pamphlets, banners and much more places offline without occupying much of a space like your telephone numbers.

4: Avoid Copyright infringement

This is the one the most important point to be remembered while choosing your domain name. This is because even the greatest of the brand names will fail if they are found to carry the name of some other website that is already there. There are two ways that you can cross-check whether you are going to infringe on someone else’s website and domain name by visiting the http://www.copyright.gov and search before your decide. The other way to cross check is to try typing the domain name and website address before you decide to choose one. These two ways will help you to avoid infringing the ownership.

5: Do not use symbols and numbers

Avoid using number and symbols on your website as this becomes hard to type and will be difficult to remember as well. Unless there are no other way to get a name that you need for promoting your business, forget not to use hyphens, symbols and numbers while choosing your domain names.

If you feel I have missed anything then do add it via comments!!

This Post is Contributed by Christina in collaboration with Asif. 


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