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When you browse your favorite websites, you see different type of forms performing different types of tasks, if you are a blogger like me, you might always have wished if you could use forms on your blog for things like a contact page, newsletter subscription ,getting feedback etc.

If you too face the problem of not having the coding and design skills to create beautiful forms, don’t worry, I have been there as well.

During my initial years of blogging, I have struggled enough to create a simple contact form using contact form 7 plugin. The plugin makes it easy to set it up yet I spent hours figuring it out. 7 years later, the best I can do is, add few more fields to the contact form using the plugin.

But what about other kind of forms? That’s a completely different route for that plugin.

The closet thing I could find was Google Docs, it’s a nice tool to collect data but cannot do email subscriptions, design customization etc.

The app that I got my hands on lately is called FormGet. The founder of FormGet contacted me to try their Service and review it on the blog. So, here is a short review of their service.

Working with the FormGet App

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FormGet is the easiest solution to build different kind of forms without the need of coding and design skills. These forms would look beautiful and have more features than you would ever use.

I simply love web products and services that require no extra skills to learn and this Service to build forms is way different. I have been using it to create different type of forms for different blogs.


The app lets you create forms using drag and drop. Just keep dropping the fields you want in the form and it’s done. Get the code and embed it where you want it to display, inside a page or a sidebar. You can also install the FormGet plugin to use Shortcodes to display forms.

All the forms you create also have a direct link so that they can be shared directly on Social Media.

Here are the best features I liked about FormGet

Build Feedback Forms to collect and organize data. You can collect different kind of data from your readers and followers on Social Media by sharing your form. The best thing I liked about it that it stores the data in an organized manner and is easy to read, you have the ability to subscribe the people who send their feedback, to a list.


For example, you run a health blog, and build a form asking the feedback of your readers, you can also get them on a list so that you can be in touch with them again to thank them for their participation.

Build Payment Forms: You can build forms that can handle payments. It’s a great feature for people who want to sell services or (physical goods also) on their sites. You can set up a form like this


For example, you have a food blog, or a health blog, you can build a form to order baking items on your food blog or consultation on your health blog respectively.

Build Smart Forms with Conditional Logic: You can build forms that show different options to different type of users, it is handled by conditional logic. Apply conditional logic with Payment forms and you will have a killing feature. If you are selling multiple products, different price is shown when different options are selected.


For example, you want to sell different type of cakes on your food blog, you can set different price of each of them and it would be displayed once that type of cake is selected.

Integrated Help Desk: This one is a nicely done feature, even the dedicated help desk services are not this easy. Whenever someone submits the data into a form, whether it is a contact form or a payment form, the data is organized on a page where the user and you can message each other.


This is particularly useful for sites which sell products or service as they also have to provide customer support, which, this feature handles it pretty smartly.

Easy Drag n Drop Form Builder: Building forms with the dynamic form builder is easier than ever, all you have to do is drag n drop the fields you want in your form.


For Example, you can put Name, Email, Message fields along with a variety of options, you can also put Captcha for spam protection. All is done by simple drag n drop.

Few additional key features: I loved the wide variety of templates available for the form, which look good on any website, you can integrate it email marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber etc. and use FormGet to capture leads on your site. You can add analytics and track the performance of forms you have created.


All the Features are available in the Pro account which costs around $9.95/month which lets you manage over 10 forms, ability to add 5 members, an upload limit of 300MB and over $3000 of payments can be received, which I think, is quite sufficient for most of the bloggers and small business owners. If you needs are higher, they have bigger plans as well.

And for everyone else to try, they offer a free account, which lets you create 3 forms but there is a limit of getting on 300 entries. I think you will make your decision, whether to buy or not, before even getting to 300 entries limit.

I will be using it for collecting payments for the services I am offering and I think it is a great service for bloggers and small business owners as they don’t need any technical help to handle things offered by FormGet.

Few years ago, it was WordPress which made it possible for normal people to get an online presence by building blogs. Years later, it feels good to see new products coming in to solve other technology based problems faced by creative people.

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