Create Beautiful Subscription Boxes with WP Subscribe Pro

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I recently did a review of Ninja Popups, which I used for several months on this blog and I am still using it on several of my websites.

But I love to try different tools to see which works well in different scenarios. For that purpose, I bought WP-Subscribe Pro, a very lightweight plugin from My Themes Shop and tried it on my blog.

Short Review: WP Subscribe Pro is a very lightwieght plugin to show Subscriptions Boxes as Popups, Widgets and Below Content. You can also show any html content as popups.

WP Subscribe Pro

Read the longer version of the review below. 


Like many Subscription Popups I have reviewed previously on my blog, WP Subscribe Pro lets you create beautiful popups that can be controlled how they appear on the blog from a neatly organized control panel which is very simple and straight forward. The control panel doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of options yet you can customize things you want.


WP Subscribe Pro doesn’t offer a range of templates to choose from (which makes the plugin weigh just below 200kb), but the fact that you can change the colors of every field makes it easier to get the look which suits your blog design.

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Apart from setting the popup for your newsletter, you can show related posts or any content (HTML code supported), which means you can put social media follow buttons, Facebook like a box, a video, or a message, basically, anything you want.


You can also put the subscription box below the posts, which is the best converting place for getting subscribers on several of our blogs.

And there is a widget, which has different settings to customize it differently and put it in the sidebar.

It means this single plugin does a job of two different plugins (or three if you are using a different plugin to show the subscription box below the post)

The plugin does not provide a way to to A/B testing neither it does offer any kind of analytic to see how the exactly the plugins is helping to get you the subscribers. But I have seen a lot of guys simply wanting a tool to show beautiful popups and subscriptions boxes without spending too much and making their blog load slow

I simply love the beautiful subscription boxes it lets me create and even if you have to only use the subscription boxes below the content, I would gladly recommend you WP Subscribe Pro.

WP Subscribe Pro is available at My Themes Shop for $19.


WP Subscribe Pro

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