Create BuzzFeed Like Quizzes Easily in WordPress

I keep searching for great plugins that add functionality to my blog and sometimes it takes me a while to search for it.

This happened to me, a few months ago, when I created a viral website while writing a post about how to create a viral blog, the results I got from the website got me interested in the project and I started trying different types of content formats.

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I found that Quizzes were working really well for websites like BuzzFeed and PlayBuzz, so much that PlayBuzz was the most shared website on Facebook in January 2015. I Quickly started looking for tools that could let me create quizzes in WordPress, and I found WP Viral Quiz in CodeCanyon. The Plugins lets you create two type of Quizzes,

  • Personality Quizzes and,

  • Trivia Quizzes, 

Create Quizzes in WordPress02

Both the type of Quizzes are popular on Social Media, Trivia Quizz has a set of questions about a particular thing to tell you how better you know about it. It could be a person, a place of a thing. This quiz can fit into any Niche. Sames goes for the

Create Quizzes in WordPress01

Sames goes for the Personality Quizzes, which can contain a set of questions you need to answer to find who you are as a person. or what type of food you would like, where would you traveling to next. These both type of Quizzes can be created easily using the WP Viral Quiz Plugin.

★ WP Viral Post Plugin has some nice feature already built into it, like

★ the Buzzfeed Skin, making the Quizzes looks nice on any device,

★ Sharing buttons and ‘Play Again’ buttons can be added to the quiz,

★ You can also lock the results forcing the users to share the Quiz to view the votes. This helps the Quiz in going viral.

In this post, I’ll show you how to easily create Quizzes in WordPress using the WP Viral Quiz Plugin. First you need to buy the plugin, the install and activate it on your WordPress Blog.

Now the plugin options would appear somewhere at the bottom of the navigation menu in the WordPess Dashboard.

Create Quizzes in WordPress03

When you click on WP Viral Quiz in the Dashboard, you can choose what type of Quick You Can create by clicking on either of the two options that appear on the top.

It would basically create the quiz inside the plugin area and you can use the Shortcode to put in a new post.

To keep things organized, I would suggest you to first create a blog post and use the same title for the Quiz as well.

The Quiz editor doesn’t let you upload images to the quiz, So, upload the images in the blog post like you do in every other post and use the link of the image you want to use in the quiz. 

For example, I am creating a Personality Quiz, “Find Your Next Travel Destination“, the personality is the destination that will appear after the user selects a few questions. I have to add the personality/destination image, I’ll upload the image to the blog post and use the image URL to put the image in the Quiz.

Create Quizzes in WordPress04

When you finish adding multiple Personalities (‘Travel Destination’ in my case), just save and move the Questions/answers tab.

The Plugin recommends using Images for Questions and Answers. Even if your Answers are text, you can use Bigger Fonts and different typefaces to make the Quiz look fun. You can use Canva or Picmonkey to do it easily.

While creating Questions, you can either type your Question in the Question field or create an image of the question with some background color. It looks good.

Create Quizzes in WordPress05

When you add answers to the questions, try adding three answers to each question, with images that describe the answer visually. for example,  shopping can show the image of someone holding shopping bags etc.

The plugin also recommends users to use a 300×300 pixel image for answers to make it look good on the page. 

In each answer for a question, You can give points to the Personality you added to the Quiz, for example, If your favorite activity on vacation is Shopping, then each Personality gets certain points depending how well it is known for shopping.

You can ask similar questions in the quiz, something between 6 to 10 is good, and the Personality which gets the maximum points, shows up after the quiz is ended.

So, this quiz helps a user find their next travel destination based on the activities they like.

Create Quizzes in WordPress06

Creating these Quizzes surely does take some time and brainstorming sessions, but it can prove to become a popular content on your WordPress blog that keeps on bringing more traffic to your website.

Quizzes are highly interactive and the user engagement can also bring down the Bounce rate of your blog.

WP Viral Quiz is available on Codecanyon for $23 with 6 months of support from the developer and all the new features that will get added to the plugin for next 6 months.

➤ WP Viral Quiz


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