Create BuzzFeed & PlayBuzz Style Quizzes in WordPress with this Free Plugin

If you landed here while searching for a WordPress plugin that can let you create quizzes like the ones you see on Popular viral sites like BuzzFeed and PlayBuzz. You are at the right place.

And if you are not yet aware of this format of content, I would advise you read my other post about creating a popular website with interactive content.


Create Quizzes in WordPress using WP Quiz

WP Quiz is a free plugin created by MyThemesShop, which lets you create Personality Quizzes as well as Trivia Quizzes.

What are personality quizzes


Personality quizzes are the ones where you have to answer a few questions before knowing the result, different answers have different points which these answers collectively decide the result.

For example:

Quiz: What type of traveller you are?

It would contain questions like,

  • Do you like oceans, mountains or lakes or snow
  • Do you love travelling solo, with partner, family?
  • Do you love massage, shopping, site seeing,

Answers will tell which place would be suitable for you.

What are Trivia Quizzes


Trivia Quizzes a are simple question & multiple choice answers. And you see how better you know a person, place or a thing.

For example:

Quiz: How well do you know game of thrones?

It would contain questions like,

  • What the name of a particular character,
  • What happened or who killed whom in a particular episode.

All these questions will give visitors a score.

Flip Cards

In addition to these two formats, there it also lets you crete Flip Cards, which is also an interesting format to create informative content and present in a different manner.

The plugin is free to use which makes it super easy for just anyone to get started.

Why you should care about creating Quizzes to your blog?

A Quiz is an interactive content, because it requires input from the reader, and readers enjoy doing that.

Quizzes can increase ‘one page time’

Also the ‘on page time’ of every user increases drastically. In fact, PlayBuzz, whose entire content is just Quizzes, has claimed that every user spends approximately 4 minutes on their website.

I’ve been running a Quiz site myself and I can safely say that their claim is right. While my site is not getting tons of traffic, I can see people stay on the pages the for longer time in comparison to my other blogs with simple articles based content.

So, creating such content can reduce your blog’s bounce rate, make your ranking better. and can actually have a better CTR if you run Google Adsense.

People love sharing results of the Quizzes

The quizzes have a high sharing ration, people are excited to share the results of the quizzes with their friends.

Especially the Trivia quizzes, which gives them a kind proof that you know about a particular topic.

So, I think these reasons are interesting enough to think about creating such content for your audience.

Now, you don’t need to create a new blog just for making quizzes. You can include this new format in almost any type of blog, irrespective of the niche you are in.

To get the ideas, you can go to PlayBuzz and browse the topics for which the quizzes are being created. Then you can create similar ones for your own blog.

You can give WP Quiz a try, it’s free after all.

Download WP Quiz  | View Demo

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