UserPro Lets You Create Community Based Websites using WordPress.


My hobby of constantly looking for new tools and service that let me do amazing things, lead me to the discovery of an amazing plugin called UserPro, which lets you add amazing functionality to a website that is powered by WordPress. 

In this post, we will be talking about the things that can be done using this plugin. But first, let’s start with the problems that can be solved using this plugin.

  • If you are planning to start a forum and think it’s too much of a task.
  • If you want to enable registrations on your blog and let users create, modify their profiles from the front end.
  • If you are planning to create a membership site with premium content only accessible to members.
  • If you want to create a niche based Social Networking site

All of this is possible with UserPro, though, you may require to compliment it with another plugin if you are looking for a more advanced website or perhaps a more complex structure of a website. But UserPro is there to test your idea and manage a good community with simple features.

As I have previously stated about the criteria I follow while choosing a premium plugin, these are Ease of use, Updates, and after sale Support. UserPro gets full marks in all these areas.   

I was looking for enabling user registration on one of my blogs from a long time, the idea was to make people register on the site so that they keep coming back to the website.

Once you get them to create an account, you can keep on adding features to the website for them to use. UserPro offered exactly the same, letting me get started easily and let me decide when I want to apply a feature to your website.

UserPro plugin is available on CodeCanyon for $28, which I think is dirt cheap, considering the number of features it offers. I have been using UserPro on one of my blogs where I am encouraging users to sign up on the site to remove the ads. When they sign up, they have to subscribe to the newsletter (you get the idea regarding the monetization strategy).

This plugin allowed me to enable registration on the front-end, the ability to subscribe users to a newsletter and keep them on the front-end of the website. They don’t even see the WordPress bar on the top which is visible to all the logged in authors. 


Here is the screenshot of the registration page on a WordPress blog using UserPro.

I used a different plugin called Who See Ads (A free WordPress Plugin) for hiding the ads from logged in users. Now, regular users get to read the website without any ads, and I believe regular users don’t even click on ads, so there is no point in showing them ads, rather bring them on the email list and try sending them product deals and monetize it via affiliate marketing.

I am planning to use this plugin on this blog as well, for a feature I have been planning to implement for so long. Though, I am not in a position to disclose much, I ‘ll just give a rough idea to explain how this plugin can help me build it. 

[highlight background=”#fff699″]I am exploring the best way to create a membership area where I’ll be putting up some free guides for users in return of their emails. User who would sign up will be able to download those free guides, go through the content in an organized manner and perhaps communicate with other members in a forum.[/highlight]



This is the profile page for users who register on the website.. 

Again, this is just an idea at this point of time and UserPro seems to be the easiest option to try this as it offers everything I need to create this kind of functionality on this blog.

You can check out this plugin in action in the demo given by the developers. And if you are planning on creating a site with functionalities like this, you should give UserPro a try. $28 is the minimum it would take to get started with you idea.

Buy UserPro from CodeCanyon

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