How to Create Multiple YouTube Channels under One Google Account

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If only Google provided an easy way to manage multiple YouTube accounts using one Google accounts, I wouldn’t have to create multiple Google Accounts to manage them. Fortunately it is possible now.

I hope many people are doing the same, creating multiple Google Account for multiple YouTube channels because Google just didn’t let you have multiple YouTube channels under one Google account.

Google now allows you to manage up to 50 different YouTube channels if you are using Google Plus.

Here is how it works

Google Actually allows you to link your YouTube channel to your Google plus Page or Profile. Now, for example you have one Google plus Page, you can create a new YouTube channel to link it or link your existing one. If again, you have to create a new YouTube channel, a new page is required to do that.

It is quite helpful for web publishers and companies running multiple brands as they now have the ability to have separate YouTube channels for each of their brands.

To create a new YouTube Channel under existing account

Open YouTube and click on your account on top right of the page. Then click on all my Accounts.

You then get the option of using YouTube as your Google Plus Profile or Page.

Here I am already using two accounts, one linked with Google Plus profile and the other with Google Plus page.

If you want to create a YouTube Channel for your Page, click on the Page and I will let you create a new Channel with your Page’s name on it, or you can simply create another YouTube Channel by clicking on the ‘Create a new channel’ button.

The good thing is that you can create unique username for all your YouTube channel by going to advanced options in YouTube settings.

Creating a unique url gives Branding to your new channel and also makes it easy for people to find them on YouTube.

Another Good thing about creating a managing your second YouTube channel under your primary Google account is that you can give permission to your Google Plus page managers to access YouTube without giving the login credentials of your Google account.

Here is a video that will walk you through the process of creating a new YouTube channel on Existing Google Account.

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