Create Your Own Blog Within 10 Minutes

Yes, you read it right, you can actually do it in 10 Minutes, I don’t know about you But I did it today.

I am not counting all the time of waiting for name servers to get updated etc, but It took me less than 10 minutes to login into my Server and Install a Blog on the Domain name. Did some modification and the blog was all set up to share content on the World Wide Web?

If you want to do it you can try it, it’s really very easy.

Here is what you need to do it.

  • A Domain Name ( Buy from GoDaddy)
  • A Web Hosting ( Hostgator Plan for $4.95/Month)
  • Nothing Else.

I know there is a lot of processes needed and things to know before buying a domain name and a hosting, such as which domain name to choose, it should be catchy, easy to spell, easy to remembers, brandable etc. Just figure it out and buy one.

Go To GoDaddy To Buy A Domain Name

Then comes the hosting, which hosting to choose, Hostgator is the best, I use it for all my blogs. My Plan is $9.95 Which allows me to host as many sites I want, plus it gives me unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. Go for it if you are planning to have more than one website in future. But if you want to get only one hosted with them then go for the starter plan.

Buy The Hosting Now


You will get all the information regarding Domain Name and the Hosting. Set the Name Servers in the GoDaddy Domain Manager (The three Images below explain the process).

After setting up the name servers, you will have to wait for some time, It depends on your ISP, this could take from 1 Hour to 48 Hours.

Now, The Countdown starts from here, this will take less than 10 minutes from here to your new blog.

Log into the Cpanel of your Site by typing ( Check your email you get from the hosting for the login information.

Find this Fantastico De Luxe in Software/Services Column. This is an amazing Script which Automatically install WordPress on your Domain name.

WordPress is the best blogging platform which makes blogging life easy. Know more about it on WordPress Website.

Here are two images below explaining the process How to install WordPress on your domain name.

So, after filling the form, click on Install WordPress and it’s done. Your Website is Read Now. Looks something like this.

So, it is up now, just use ( to log into your account and play with it for some time, If I write more information here, it might overwhelm you, So you better get to know about your site.

Here is how the blog looks from inside the control panel.

Now, as the WordPress versions have been upgraded to WordPress 3.0, you can install plugins and other themes right from the control panel on your WordPress blog.

If you still don’t get it how to do it, I have written an eBook in Detail, you should read it.

Download the eBook


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