How to Customize a WordPress Theme


This is the second part of the ‘Technical Help for Beginners’ series of blog posts and in this post we are going to talk about the best ways to Customize WordPress.

WordPress has reached to a level where it can be used for creating any type of website. The availability of wide range of WordPress themes makes it very easy to get any kind of look you want, we previously talked about getting the perfect WordPress theme for your blog, and one of the factor to look for the perfect theme was the ability to customize it as per you need.

Customizing with Theme Options

Thankfully there are a lot of Premium WordPress themes that offer a simple, beginner friendly Themes Option area where different aspects of a WordPress themes can be changed.

Let’t take the example of the WordPress theme we use. Wp-Prosperity.

Read the Review of WP-Prosperity

The earlier design of this blog was a custom design for which I paid a good amount of money, and I had to email the designer to get something changed, or it required a lot of coding to do a simple thing like changing the header color or font.

Now that I am using WP-Prosperity, all has been done right from the Theme Options area, in fact I customized my theme into the current design in just 70 Minutes. Not only that, I was able to get different design on different website, using the same WordPres theme, WP-Prosperity.

So, when you are looking to buy a WordPress theme, make sure it has got the easy theme options to get the kind of design you are looking for.

Customizing with Simple Drag n Drop

If you are going to setup up different types of pages with different layouts, customizing them via Theme Options can be very time consuming as you have to keep refreshing the page to see the changes made. Front end editors help you get rid of all the to and fro changes and enable you to customize directly from the page itself.

There are different panels on the page where you can add the desired elements, but very few WordPress themes offer that kind of functionality. But you can get amazingly nice looking pages designed within few minutes.

I have created a collection of WordPress themes that can be customized by simple drag n drop of elements. You may take a look and decide which one is for you.

Hire Someone to help you Customize Your WordPress Theme

We all have heard about the clichéd term, Time is Money, but it’s true and if you think that you can do more valuable things than customizing your theme, then go ahead and do it, and hire someone to Customize your WordPress theme.

Now, there is a difference between getting your Blog designed and getting a WordPress theme customized, the latter is less expensive, fast and easy options to get a custom design for your blog.

Because you already went ahead and picked up a theme, and now you just want to make some changes to it.

We can help you with that as customizing WordPress themes is one of the services we offer. It’s quite affordable and we have helped quite a lot of people with their blog design and they were able to spend time creating content, it works well, everyone wins.

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