10 Essential Tips to Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Bounce Rate

If How to increase the traffic of your blog is a very interesting question, then How to increase Page Views should be interesting too. There is a direct relationship between the Page Views and the Bounce Rate. However, the bounce rate depends of many other factors.

What is a Bounce Rate?

Let me first tell you about the bounce rate, it’s the percentage of visitors of your blog who go away just after landing on the blog. If your blog’s bounce rate is 70% then it means that 70% of the visitors actually closed their browsers or went to the other site just after landing on your blog.

You don’t want that to happen. So, lesser the bounce rate, the better. To track your blog’s bounce rate you can use the free analytics from Google called Google Analytics.

How to decrease Bounce Rate?

1. One of the things you can do is, try to increase the Page Views of your blog, You will learn about it later in this post.

2. Another thing you can do it, make your blog sticky, that means offer valuable content so that the visitor can benefit from it and decides to continue reading your blog.

3. Keeping a clean design for your blog will help your in keeping the visitor on your blog for a longer period.

4. If your blog is content based then try to empathize on the content, make a good reading experience for your visitor.

5. We recently wrote a guide on setting up the Google Analytics (Read here) which helps you learn the behavior of the visitors. You can utilize that to plan the kind of content your readers love.

6. Take a look at the top pages can see if you can expand them into another post, create the post and leave the links on the original post.

7. Just like I told you above that the Design of your blog plays an Important role, proper navigation will let the visitor take another action, that is, leave the blog or read another post.

8. You should link back to your old posts in your news posts and update your old posts by putting the links to new posts, if the posts are somehow related.

9. Create a squeeze page, write a new page for different topic and try to put all the post links in it, then promote the squeeze page instead of promoting posts.

10. Use Related Posts Plugin which will show related posts at the end of every post.

Among other benefits of decreasing the page views is that advertisers will be more interested in your website resulting in a higher CPC if you are using Google Adsense.


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