“I will walk you through the process of creating an App for your blog without any coding skills needed”

Create an Android App

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In the start of this year, one of my blog started exploding with traffic, people started visiting the blog from all corners of the world and so did their requests to create an app for the blog so that they can have an easier to access the content on the blog.

This urgency forced me to act on it and sit down to learn how to make an app, having failed myself twice, I delayed it as long as I could.

Then one fine day, I was able to find a way to make a super cool app for my blog that works like a real app and not just your mobile website masked into an app that just opens your blog like any web browser.

“I created an app for my food blog and it’s has got 3000 installs in three months with 2200 active users”


It literally took me just a few hours to launch the app in the Play Store. I already had the content ready on my blog, all I did was –

  • figure out how should I categorize the content in the app, 
  • write down the description for the app 
  • export the .apk file and test it on my Android phone 
  • Take screenshots of different sections to showcase the app on Play Store.
  • Sign up for the Play Store Developer Console 
  • Upload my app and wait overnight for it to get approved

The app was live when I woke up in the morning and people loved it. here are some of the reviews. 

App Screenshot

In this eBook, I walk you through the process of making an app without any coding skills at all. This could be a good point to start and test the waters whether Apps is the thing for you or not. 

“In almost every Niche, 50% of the traffic comes from Mobile, And it’s increasing”

Just like people say it for email lists, that turns a random visitor into a regular reader, Mobile app can turn your random mobile visitor into a long-term reader. He will prefer an app than an email list.

Innovative features like Push Notifications will let users know whenever there is a new content update in the app. The engagement rate is very high in mobile apps in comparison to the email list where only 0% of the total subscribers respond to an email on an average.

This is what my App users have to say

The best ever app!! I was following evergreen recipes over facebook and used to save and write in the diaries.very late I realised that there is app also..I installed the app and was afraid it required net so I saved the recipes in app. Next day saw my saved recipes were waste as this app dont required net and the plus point was this Is the 1st ever app which guides you step by step with pictures cayegorised recipe and that too without internet.im in love with this app and have deleted the rest food app..keep it up! ! – Nilofer Akhtar

Awesome App Just Wanted an App – Robin Singh

Yipeeeee Awsome app…just luv this app..its got every tips and tricks one neend in his cooking… -Amit Karnatak

I hope you are convinced enough to understand the importance of creating an app for your blog, you will find a lot of details inside the eBook about creating your app, how you can monetize it and what’s can you do to optimize your installs. This eBook is a complete package to get started with an app your readers will love. 

So, what do you think how much this eBook should cost you? $29? Not at all, $19, No, $9?.

You get download this eBook for FREE

I actually start writing this eBook with an intent to sell it, but then I thought, it might not be a good idea to charge someone for telling them how to build something on their own. If I created my app for Free, you should also be able to do it for Free.

But, to download, you need to submit your email so that we can be in touch and I can ask you about the improvements of your app and send you tips you can follow to optimize your app and your online business overall.