How to Embed YouTube Videos Your Blog Posts Beautifully

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Blogging is all about putting words on a page in a way that it conveys your message to the readers, and things have been this way for almost a decade.

We are in 2015 and now it’s easier to create content in more forms like a Visual Graphic and a Video.

Thanks to YouTube for the embedding feature, we can utilize the already existing amazing videos database on YouTube or we can upload our own videos to it and embed it in our blog posts.

I have even written a complete guide to getting started with YouTube, in case, you are curious. So, assuming you, very well understand the importance of video content, and perhaps you already embed videos into your blog posts from time to time (Viral blogs seem to do that in every other post), I will tell you how you can make it look beautiful on your blog posts and pages.

You may already know how to grab the embed codes for a particular video (hint: right click on the video and copy embed code), what you may not know is, that YouTube offers custom codes to change how the videos will appear and behave when they are embedded in your blog post. You can read my post regarding the custom codes for YouTube embeds.

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”alt” autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” fs=”no” theme=”light”]Video introduction here[/youtube_advanced]

This is an example of  how you can embed a YouTube video using custom codes.

By adding a string of code, you can make the Video Player border to disappear, you can even make the Video Title disappear to make the video look as if it’s a part of the page itself.

I know these codes are little tough to remember, what you can do is, keep them saved anywhere on your PC (Hint: Sticky Notes) or Google Keep, which is just a click away if you are already logged into your Gmail account in the browser.

However, there is an easier option, in case you are a lazy guy like me (and there is no bad thing in being lazy), there is a Free Plugin that makes it easy to embed YouTube videos the way you want.


Ultimate Shortcode is the plugin that offers shortcodes to different types of functions, one of its shortcodes is to embed YouTube Videos, it’s called YouTube Advanced. It saves your preferences so you have to set it just once. (The video on this page has been embedded using the Ultimate Shortcode plugin)

[note]Ultimate Shortcode developer also offers few extra shortcodes as Add-ons for $25. You should check it out. [/note]

By now, you may have thought that it’s an awesome piece of advice for embedding Video in your blog posts, but wait, the best is yet to come.

There is a premium plugin called Clever YouTube, which gives more awesome features if you are looking to utilize Videos more than just to supplement your blog posts.


Clever YouTube is a great tool for people who want to use Videos to build email lists, create video sales pages or video tutorials. You can set custom thumbnails to make the video look more appealing.

I personally loved the features which let you put a .gif as a thumbnail, it can be used to let the users know what the video is all about.

I have already bought this plugin and I still haven’t used all its features yet. And I’ll be reviewing it separately once I create few pages using it.

So, this is all you should know about embedding YouTube videos the right way. Hope you will benefit from this post.

Unlock the True Potential of YouTube with Clever YouTube

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