Which is the Fastest WP Theme on the Internet

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Got a blog? is it build using WordPress? Then this post will surely interest you.

There are hundreds of thousands WP themes on the internet and a few thousand premium themes.

In WordPress repository alone, there over thousands of WP themes listed,

This high number is due to the fact that WordPress is over a decade old, but the majority of the WP themes have not been updated in years, a lot of them are poorly coded and so many of them are similar.

Even if we filter out the free themes and talk about only the premium ones, picking a theme for your blog is not easy, you will still find so many themes are not suitable for your blog.

If we take a look at the WP Themes in Theme forest, a marketplace for premium themes, you will find that majority of the themes are trying to be multi-purpose, which makes them heavy with features.

Of course, the internet speeds are getting faster and there should be no problem in loading these websites, but you should remember that higher percentage of visitors are using Mobile Devices, and Mobile data to access websites.

Even though these premium themes offer amazing designs, a mobile user sees them all in a single column which makes every theme look the same.

Most of the times the features you buy a theme for, won’t work on Mobile devices, which makes no point in buying it if your mobile readers are more. For my website, the percentage is more than 80%.

So no matter which premium theme I buy, 80% of the people will not see it on the desktop. So the number one factor for buying a theme should be, speed.

I have been promoting MyThemesShop on my blog because I’ve had a great experience with them, their themes are fast and simple. I’ve recently reviewed their few themes, Schema being their fastest theme in the market. You can read its review here.

But In this post, I want to talk about the fastest WP theme, that is also Free.

In the past, I’ve always recommended people to go with premium themes, because of the support you get for the theme. But I never meant that Free themes are bad. Even I started out with a free theme, it was only after a few years I purchased my first premium theme.

I came to know about a fastest Wp theme that is free also, and I am calling it the fastest WP themes not because it feels fast, it is FAST.

Basic – Free WordPress Theme (as the fastest also)

The Basic is listed in the WordPress repository and has been installed more than 10000 times.

The theme does not use any image, and everything is just code, which is one of the factors that make this theme one of the fastest theme.

I did not randomly pick the theme as the fastest free WordPress theme, a blog called pagepipe.com has already done a few tests to find out the fastest theme, here is the post they did to choose the Basic as the fastest theme of 2017, maybe for a next few years.

For those who don’t have time to read that article, what they did, test it on a blog that was hosted on a shared hosting of GoDaddy (I can’t stress enough how shitty their hosting is) and tested the speed using Pingdom.com.

Even though Basic came at number 2 in terms of loading, it is a clear winner when it comes to popularity, and 10000 installs mean people are happy with it.

So, now you know which theme is the fastest free WordPress theme.

My Thoughts: Though this is the fastest WP theme available for Free, it is still not suitable for every kind of blog. It is perfect for content-based niche blogs, that are purely informational based. 

But if you own a blog that has a community around or works with a lot of images, you should pick a theme that can handle every type of content smartly and efficiently. One such theme is the newspaper, which also has a stripped down the theme for Mobile Phones to make it load fast on Mobile Devices. 

Apart from themes, the Hosting plays an important part in the performance of your blog, I’ve been using Digital Ocean for some of my most critical blogs and It’s been good. Read my review of the Digital Ocean Hosting


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