Few Things to Fix Your Blog Immediately [3rd Part]

You must have read the 1st Part of this post, (Published on ShoutMeLoud) here is the third. If you are wondering where the 2nd part is, I published it on my blog. Here are few more things I have noticed on few blogs. I will not be talking about any specific niche and they work on mostly all the blogs.

Writing n number of posts everyday

Okay, so if you are one of them who does a couple of posts a day and let the blog go without any post next day then this is for you. It’s good that you are writing too many posts in one day, I understand that not every day you feel like writing any posts. What you can do is, try posting only one article that day and save rest of them as a draft so that you can publish them on the days you don’t feel like writing any.

Broadcasting one liner posts to your blog

Sometimes I read blog posts which have nothing to say. They only information of one line and you get it just by reading the title of the post. It’s good to blog every piece of information, but it contains a couple of words then you can directly publish it to twitter of Facebook, this will make your readers easy to get the information right there rather than following a link to your blog and getting the same information. As a reader this really sucks.

Calling yourself a professional blogger

A professional blogger is someone who blogs and makes money out of it. But look around, almost every blogger is a professional blogger, he is making money from his blog directly or indirectly. Yes, I agree it’s a feel good factor, but don’t get carried away with it. It’s cool, but don’t forget your job to provide value to the readers. Be humble and work as a blogger. If you own a blog, you are a professional blogger, no need to add this extra line to your profile. No one gives a damn about it, well at least not me.

Competing with every other blogger

There has to be a competition, but it has to be healthy, this point of for a very less number of bloggers who write just to compete with other bloggers. Don’t be like that, blogging still a very small industry, so we all should work in a healthy environment and help each other. This is it from the 3rd part, If you have anything else to add please use the comment section.


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