Few Tips to Fix Your Blog Immediately


In this post, I am adding few more points which have to be taken care of.

Define your Niche.

Many bloggers do this, they mix severs things up, the have a blog on technology and they start writing update news which gets published on TechCrunch or Mashable. It’s good to get your readers updates, but you can simply share the links on twitter and Facebook, why waste time by rewriting it. IF your blog is about Computer tips, cover computer related things, your readers will not be interested in making money from blog, many technology blogs do that, they write about making money, WordPress or whatever comes to their mind. I would just say that you should define your Niche so that you get same kind of readers, which will be easy for you to handle.

Think About Each and Every Readers of your Blog

Okay, you have spread your blog on various channels. You give people options to connect with you or your blog by Different ways. Few are on Facebook, few on Twitter, few are subscribed to Feeds and plenty of people come from Search Engines. Now, you should treat all them in different manner. Use All in SEO plugin which gives your Option to write Two titles, one for the blog readers and one for Search Engines. Try it, be creative and treat visitors from different channels differently.

Serve Related Ads

Would anyone be interested in hosting ad on a technology blog? Well maybe few odd people, but your blog is meant for technology posts and your readers are technology freak, they have no interest in Web hosting, then why do you waste so much space by promoting Hosting products on your blog. I am taking hosting ads as an Example. You are smart enough to know what I am talking about. Serve ads which are related to your blog readers and somehow have got potential to provide value to the readers.

Engagement of your Readers

Twitter and Facebook can be used in a more efficient way than posting your blog posts on it. You can tip your readers directly on Facebook and Twitter by doing one liner posts. You must agree to me that even one liner posts have value than bigger posts, sometimes. Facebook might be a business tool for you, buy it’s an Entertainment or Social thing for others, always keep that in mind and feed them in that manner.

This is it for now, I shat be posting more like this, let me know what you feel others are doing wrong?


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