Find Out Which Plugin or Theme is Creating Issues in WordPress

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WordPress users, raise your hands if you have ever Faced any technical issues while making changes, doing updates or simply waking up to the issues on your site?

Okay, I see a lot of hands raised, including mine. Well, it’s really not a big deal. It happens in every field of life, just like there are ups and downs in life, there are these issues which could turn your life into a nightmare for a few nights. (Been there, faced that)

Being a non-coder, the biggest challenge is to find out where the issue is coming from, is it the theme that making this issue? Is it the plugin. Had it started after I updated the WordPress version?

In this post, we talk about how to find out what’s breaking bad.

Find Out What is Creating the Issue?

The first thing you should ask yourself since when the problem started appearing. Sometimes it happens that the problem is there from a long time, and you notice it after some time. Just like this one.

If it’s the WordPress version update, you might be facing problems in the Backend of WordPress, that is, the Post Editor, or perhaps any other part of the WordPress Dashboard.

This happens because, either the theme you are using is creating an issue or the plugin. Follow these steps.

To find out if it’s the Plugins, Disable plugins one by one, keep checking the issue after disabling each plugin.

If you find the culprit, Enable all other Plugins and see if you can make any changes to the particular Plugin if the issue remains there,

(a) Either,  Google the solution for it, talk to the developer of that particular Plugin.

(b) Or, disable the theme if it’s not important,

(c) Or, try finding an alternative.

To find out if it’s the Theme, Activate another theme, preferably the default theme (Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen or Twenty Seventeen) and see if the issue still exists?

If it’s the theme. Here is what your next step should be,

(a) Rollback to the default (unedited version of the theme) if the issue happened after you made changes to the theme, you can also try removing those codes if possible.

(b) Rollback to the default (unedited version of the theme) if the issue happens after you updated the theme. Look for the support and share your issue with Theme developers.

This is pretty much it, you simply have to keep calm and carry on. If the issue is not something that is losing you traffic or money, fix it right away. Else, do your important tasks first, then tackle this issue when you have time.

I hope this post will help you. Do not panic.


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