How to Find Unlimited Long Tail Keywords for Blog post.

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Back in 2007, when I was new to blogging, it was so easy to get traffic to your websites. Just write about a thing and people will start coming to it, you could easily see your posts rank on the first page of Google.

Experts those days used to suggest writing blog posts on keywords that were high in search volume. Because it was not that tough to rank for them.

We are now in 2015 and if you ask anyone to rank those keywords, they will have the best laugh of their lives. My approach theses days is to write in depth informative articles on specific topics that I have good knowledge about. And all these specific articles are searched by a handful of people, who are actually interested in knowing about that topic.

Writing such specific articles requires targeting keywords that have 4 to 7 words in them, and are also called Long Tail Keywords. It works in favor of your blog, as the more articles targeting long tail keywords you write, the more traffic you will get.

The problem with writing such articles is that you often get stuck with finding more long tail keywords to write articles about. Google has a tool that suggests keywords that have been used by other people in Google search. We can use this for getting more content ideas.

Though the Google search suggestions play a vital role, I still struggle coming up with more combination of ideas to put into the search box, plus it’s very time-consuming process to, first find a suggested keywords, make a list of them and pull more data, like the monthly search volume and currently ranking pages using other sources like Google Keyword Planner.

My life has become easier, since I came across this ultimate tool that handles this task efficiently and is almost automated. The tool I am talking about is called Keyword Researcher Pro.

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Keyword Researcher Pro is amazingly good. I won’t go much into the details about how does the program works as you can see the demo on the product page itself.

I’m just going to mention how it is making my life easy by letting me do everything in an organized manner

Keyword Research Pro has more things to offer than I actually need, but the price I paid for it is reasonable, even for the things I am using it for.

Here is a screenshot of the software.

I have used similar SaaS (Software as a Service) programs in the past and most of them had a poor user interface with a bit of a learning curve. Some of them didn’t work as promised So I stopped using them long ago.

I purchased Keyword Research Pro because I was actually using Google Keyword suggestions to get post ideas for my blog. This software easily convinced me that I can save a lot of time while getting a good number of article ideas for my blogs.

When I started using it, I started loving its other features as well, such as the ability to write articles within the software using the keywords it scraps from Google keyword suggestions database. The articles can be arranged in an organized manner. I LOVED this feature.

Here is how I am getting ideas, sorting worthy keywords and writing articles using the software.

If you have watched the video, you will know how it scraps the keywords from Google keyword suggestions database. I put * in my query and then the software replaces the * with alphabets from a-z, takes every possible combination that is stored in the Google keyword suggestions database and puts it in the software, then I weed out negative keywords and copy other keywords to the clipboard.

Then I got to Google Keyword Planner and paste the copied keywords into the group keyword idea option. Google Keyword Planner gives me a detailed analysis of the keywords which can be saved and downloaded to the computer.

I have found that it is easy for me to write 10 articles on long tail keywords and get over 10000 monthly visitors than to write 1 article on highly competitive or generic keyword and get same amount of visitors.

I then import the file into the Keyword Researcher Pro and it arranges the keywords to make it easy to find out the ones that are worth writing about. I usually consider the keywords, with average monthly visitors of 1000 or more, worth writing as they can get me a handful of visitors to my post per day and it won’t be very tough to rank for them.

I am able to find a dozen of post ideas from a single query I put in the software and I have to spend less time doing it, thanks to Keyword Researcher Pro.

As per my experience with using long tail keywords in my articles, I have found that it is easy for me to write 10 articles on long tail keywords and get over 10000 monthly visitors than to write 1 article on highly competitive or generic keyword and get same amount of visitors.

Because ranking for highly competitive keywords is a very different game. It is a huge amount of labor work and is not creative at all, or perhaps, not the kind of creativity I believe in. So, I do better what I am better at, and that is creating content for my readers. Like this one.

Keyword Research is available to use for a one-time payment of $97. Which I think not too much for a software like this.


FOR SALE: get it for only $97 $67.
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