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How to Quickly Fix the 400 Bad Request Error in Google Chrome

How to Quickly Fix the 400 Bad Request Error in Google Chrome


If you are reading this, then you must be aware how irritating this 400 bad Request Error is. it doesn’t let you log into your blog. The only options you have then is to use another browser or use the incognito mode.

If you want to use the same browser then you have to clear all your browser data. It doesn’t take long, but I hate when I am logged out of every website I’m mostly logged into (hint: Facebook, Gmail etc).

400Bad RequestError02

Even if you are not facing this issue right now, you should read this post as it is going to help you in future if something like this happens.

What causes the 400 Bad Request Error

400Bad RequestError01

Every website you browser, saved some cookies in the browser, these cookies contain your login infromtaion, what time you browsed the page etc. They are also responsible for keeping you logged into sites like Gmail, Facebook and your own blog.

These cookies auto expire to make space for new cookies to be loaded. But some corrupt cookies do no expire and then they overload and cause this 400 Bad Request Error.

How to Fix the Bad Request Error

400Bad RequestError04The quick fix, without clearing all the browsing data, is to remove the selected cookies related to your blog.

To do this, click on settings found under option by clicking on the top right horizontal bars. Then click on Show advanced settings.

400Bad RequestError05Then click on Content settings under the Privacy section. This will pop up windows inside the browser where you have to click on All cookies and site data.

400Bad RequestError06This will list out all the saved cookies in the browser, you can search for your blog’s cookies by typing the URL in the search box on the top right.

400Bad RequestError07When you search for your blog url, remove all the entries that appear in the list. And then click on done.

400Bad RequestError03You will now be able to log into your blog properly. This is an easy fix when you face this 400 Bad Request Error. I hope you find this tutorial useful.

Watch the Video Tutorial


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