Top 6 Useful And Free Project Management Software

This post is written by Ilya Elbert

With a rapid boom in It technology, computer software has become a great tool for the success of your small or large business. One such kind of essential software is the project management software that basically deals with the effective management of services and programs of different projects from conception to completion. It has proved to be a powerful tool to define and gain the targets with the help of resource based facilities and services. Nowadays, there is plenty of project management software available online to help you run your different projects effectively.

Though internet market is flooded with handful of project management software that charges a certain amount for the installation, but there are various free alternatives also. Here you will find some of the best free project management software that helps you organize and run your projects without making a hole in your pocket.


It is one of the best free online project management software that helps in the proper organization of your project with a collaborative approach. It features an API, Application Programming Interface with which you can create plug-ins, apps and add-ons along with expense managing. AceProject offers you up to 5 projects for free with 250 MB of free storage space. Endowed with various interesting features, AceProject has been the foremost choice of IT specialists, professionals, contractors, engineers and software developers.

Open Workbench 

It is superior free project management software that effectively plans and manages your projects. Packed with high class project management features and robust functionalities, Open Workbench is the ultimate software for large scale projects. Its compatibility with Microsoft Project and CA Clarity PPM, it is great software tool for the professionals without spending a penny.


It is also a free software tool that helps you create various project charts, plan collaboration and milestone implementation. It is also dotted with the ability of working with Microsoft project and is ideal for small and medium scale projects. It also offers you the flexibility of sharing your projects with your colleagues with the help of WebDev.


This free online project management software is an excellent tool that gives you functionality for planning, scheduling and staffing your different projects. It is a volunteer supported application which is managed and developed by a group of volunteer and users. It also contains a form blog where users can put their queries after free installation of DotProject.


This free open source software is used to manage messages, tasks and milestones. It also offers you a unique feature of uploading and managing your files. It also includes a blog and forum having list of planned updates. After free installation of Project Pier, you can communicate and collaborate your organization without any hassle.


This free project management software is distributed under CPAL license and is comparable to Microsoft Project. With the help of OpenProj, you can create a variety of Gantt and PERT charts with an access to some of the wonderful features such as task handling, resource management and project scheduling.

There is a wide array of online project management tools that offers you all the managing services for free with some of the great features used by the professionals.

Whether your project is simple or complex, there is always a right software tool for it that will charge you nothing and provides you with the best of services that you require for the proper functioning, maintaining and running of your projects from beginning to the end. No matter, which tool you prefer, these free software are quite easy to use and install with full of desired features.


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