How to Get Back Your Writing Groove

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Choosing an easy task over tougher ones so that I don’t have to take the efforts of completing the tougher tasks. Yes, that is what I do sometimes even now.

But I have learned few things that helps me do things in time. Writing is what I do for a living, I have to keep writing to earn my bread and butter. So here are few things that help me over the cliched term, Writer’s block.

Star with anything you find interesting.

I have a personal blog which is kind of my cribbing zone, most of the content shared there is what I find interesting, but another thing I do with it is, write things that make me sad, happy or trigger any other emotion.

So, whenever I feel that today is not one of my most productive days, I start writing something for my personal blog. Writing for personal blogs is easy as you are sharing something you feel.

This gives a flow to your writing, sometimes it’s just typing few words on the keyboard or sitting in a chair for more than 5 minutes, keeps us from getting started.

Use an Idea bank

Keeping a list of article ideas is a sign of good preparation for exams, without lists, you are going to fail one. Thanks to the smartphones, it is easier than ever to note down blog posts ideas anywhere using a variety of apps like Evernote, Keep or Wunderlist.

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Start with headings

You don’t necessarily have to start writing the whole article perfectly. You can start by giving a heading, (which can be changed later), with with subheadings and main points you are going to cover in the article.

This will help you write the article and not getting overwhelmed about how to start the article. The other good thing about writing articles like this is that you can give finishing touches later.

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Write in Batches

If you are like me, you will agree to the fact that not every writing sessions is equal, sometimes you still feel energetic and want to write more even after you have completed an article.

Utilize that by starting another article. Do it till you get bored or you have another important task pending.

Take Breaks

You can not work work work, or play play play. There has to be a balance. There are times when you will feel exhausted, it’s time to take a break whenever that happens. Take a day, or a week of (it depends on the situation you are in). You will always feel energetic to start writing again.

So, that’s it for now, I hope this tips will help you start writing again, you can try things you feel will get your writing groove back, in some cases, even changing a keyboard can help. If you that’s your problem, check out the best keyboard I have tried so far.


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