9 Sources to Get Royalty Free Photos for Your Blog Posts

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Thousands of blogs emerge every day, almost each of them are in a hurry to produce content that they forget the basic things and give less importance to things like design, formatting and giving proper credit to the sources.

One DMCA complain can ruin their reputation as a web publisher. We are trying to make it easy for bloggers who want to follow all the guidelines of being a good blogger.

So, without any delay, let me list some sources where you can get Royalty Free Photos for your blog posts or slides.

Stock Xchange

Sotck Xchange is the first place you should check the photos suitable for your blog. It is a great resource of quality photos. Check the attribution requirements and take a photo to use on your blog.



Flickr is another great source for getting photos. Thousands of professional photographers share their work on this website. You can do an advanced search and find images with creative commons license and give a link back to the original artist on the page where you add the image.



Free Foto has got thousands of high quality photos which you can use on your blog. You have to provide proper attribution for using the image for Free.

Stock Photos for Free


This website organizes photos pretty well which makes it easy to search the most suited image for your use. The photos are displayed with a watermark, but when you can download the high quality photo after registering.


Creative Commons Search is a search engine for finding free to use content from various sources. You can use this search for finding quality photos for your blog.



FlickrCC makes it easy to search photos available for commercial use or editing purpose. It searches photos from Flickr and makes the search part less confusion.

Pixel Perfect Digital


Not just Royalty Free Photos, Pixel Perfect Digital has more to offer, like Backgrounds, Textures and other design elements. So, if you are looking to create graphics for your blog posts or slides, you can easily find the best ones in their database, plus Free of any charge.

Photo Pin


Another website that searches creative commons licensed photos from Flickr, nothing much but just shows the photos in a better way that can help you sort photos easily. The creative commons license requires you to give attribution to the artist.


If the above website doesn’t provide you the relevant photos, try doing a Google Image search, find the relevant, photo, go to their respective website and ask creator directly to use the photograph, chances are high that they will let you use their photos in return on a link back to the original artist.

[shadow][note]Please note: just because a photos is listed in the Google Image search, does not mean it is available to be used. I strongly recommend you to go to their website and ask for permission to use it, unless it’s a generic image like a bran logo.[/note][/shadow]

Photos such as logos and banners of companies you are mentioning or covering in your posts already offer free to use license to use the photos. So you really don’t have to ask if you are using the photos on your website.

I hope these sources are more than enough to getting the right stock image you want for your new post. I have also put together a resourceful page for webmasters and bloggers to supercharge their websites. Go to the Resource Page now.


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