Get the Best Distraction Free Writing Experience Using WordPress.Com Post Editor

If you are reading this blog, chances are high that you own a WordPress blog, and if you are reading this post, you, like me, must always be in a search to write more, write better, write without any distraction.

Yes, WordPress had a nice Distraction Free Writing Mode built right into the Post Editor until they brought the new Distraction Free Writing Mode which simply hides all other things when you start writing.

WordPress Post Editor

While I’ve gotten used to it, it still bothers me every now and then, and for a while, I was usingĀ this sweet little hack to get the Original Distraction Free Writing Mode back into the WordPress.

But, at the end of the day, it’s a hack, which needs to be updated with every update from WordPress version, because WordPress updates have a history of messing things up (for me at least).

I recently tried the post editor at, and it is way awesome than the Self-hosted WordPress post editor.

WordPress actually lets you use the editor for posting on self-hosted blogs as well if you have connected your blog to your account via the Jetpack plugin.

I’ve tried the editor to write a few posts for my self-hosted blogs and have grabbed a few screenshots for you to look at. Which, I am posting below. Post Editor Looks Clean

WordPress Post Editor

The WordPress post editor is simply awesome. The first thing I love about it is the width of the writing area.

We all use the content area of somewhere between 600px to 800px on our blogs, and the WordPress post editor is way too wider. It doesn’t feel right to write something in the post editor and get a completely different formatting on the blog.

The Post editor has not so wide writing area which makes it easy for you to assume how the post is going to look like once it is Live.

The Editor Options in Post Editor

WordPress Post Editor05

The post editor options in editor are on the left-hand side and you get every option you need. It’s beautifully and strategically placed while making the best use of space and doesn’t at all look overwhelming. I love this.

Post editor controls like Publishing the post, Selecting Categories, and Tags is neat, I like how fast it is to select tags and you can see the existing tags while you type initially few letters. this is missing from the WordPress post editor, you just have to wait for a second for the existing tag to appear.

Media Upload is Better than the WordPress Post Editor

WordPress Post Editor03

I was writing a post where I needed to change the author, first I though this option isn’t available in the post editor as it’s connected to my account, but I found that it’s possible to change the post author, and the placement of the Author name is quite obvious.

WordPress Post Editor08

When I first clicked on the post editor to try writing a post on my Self Hosted WordPress blog connected to my account, I though it will be slower as it has to pass on the information from one site to another, but it doesn’t feel you are writing outside your blog.

If you own multiple blogs, using post editor for writing posts will be a smart step. You can also manage everything else like Plugin Updates, Comments approval etc for the sites you connect to your account.

I have been loving the experience of writing posts in a much better post editor and I wish they bring this to the Self-hosted WordPress blog as well. it will be awesome. What do you think?


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