How I Started getting 10x installs for my Android App

Increase Android Installs

It’s been several months since I launched my first app for my food blog, Evergreen Recipes. Okay, that is my Wife’s food blog, but I take care of the technical and a bit of marketing side of it. (And I’ve said this thousand times, I’m sorry)

We launched the App because we were getting a lot of requests for an app, I did it without any coding skills and the result was pretty good. People were liking it and now (as of writing this) we have got over 5000 people already using it on a daily basis.

It’s not much, but the install rate has improved a lot, we are consistently getting 50-60 installs in comparison to just 5-6 two months ago. The interesting thing to note here is that we improved our installs just from the blog itself, despite getting almost the same traffic.

So how did we increase our installs?

App Installs

I’m glad you asked, There is nothing magical I did get achieve that number, what I did was, to add a simple plugin, which I’ve already talked about on the blog.

It’s the Notification Bar plugin from my favorite Developers My Themes Shop

What I did was, I enabled the Notification Bar for people visiting the blog from mobile phones and added the CTA to install the Mobile App  to browse recipes faster.


Notification Bar Plugin has this feature to show/hide the Notification Bar on the basis of different conditions.

For instance, we can show a different Notification bar for a person visiting from Facebook or any other website, A different one for Mobile or Desktop as well.

Evergreen Recipes has over 70% of its users coming from Mobile Phones, and giving them an option to install the App makes total sense because an App gives easy access to the recipes, the recipes can be browsed even when a user is offline and users can save their favorite recipes for quick access.

If you own an app, and have got a blog, then I would highly recommend you to use this plugin to show a notification to install the app, (use ASIOGROUP20 to get 20% OFF) because it is the best spot to grab the attention of a visitor.

BONUS  TIP: Use Google Play Direct Install Feature.

This new feature from Google Play Store lets users install an app without actually visiting the Play Store. You can implement an Install Button  somewhere on your blog and users will just have to click the Accept button that appears in a popup after clicking on the install button.


The best part is that you can show the install button even to your desktop visitors, as most of the people who use Android, use same Google account on Computers as well, (and are logged in also).

You can again use the Notification Bar Plugin to show the Install Button to the Desktop users  as well.

These single method will alone increase the installs of your Android App many folds.

I hope you liked this post, if you did, make sure you share this with friends who want to achieve more installs for their Apps.


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