Hire someone who can do the job you hate, and focus on the things you love to do

Would you like to spend your time doing what you love instead of doing what you hate? Well, the things you hate might be loved by someone else. That’s how the world works. 

Outsource your work

You can hire someone who can do the job you hate and focus on the things you love to do. Maybe you love being in front of the camera and hate it when you go through the tiring process of editing your videos. 

Maybe you are good at it but struggle to do multiple things. Outsourcing is the key to being efficient at what you do. 

I am that person who loves what you hate.

I am talking about editing. I have been editing videos for myself, friends, and family, and I love the process. I have become efficient at it. 

Best Editing Software 

Final Cut Pro (FCP) is the editing software of my choice. Although I’ve worked on other evading apps like PremierPro, Sony Vegas, Filmora, and Camtasia, I feel like a superhero when using the FCP. 

Over the years, I have created a system and bought pro tools to help speed up my editing and create the best output. 

How much will it cost to edit a video?

I am exploring the idea of editing videos for other people. I have just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since I am new to this, I am offering my services for as low as $5. I won’t minimize the barrier for everyone out there. 

So, check out my gig on Fiverr and hire me if you need help with your video content. 

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