How I learned that I was ruining my blogging career

Blogging Mistakes

If you have been reading my blog you must have aware of the recent changes I have done to my business, from moving this blog to a new domain to rebranding the blog to eliminating all the pending projects which were not been even touched by me since a long time. I am focusing on one project at time and I can say that this is the best approach to improve your blog.

I was registering my blog’s name as a username everywhere

Ever since I started blogging, I got this habit of capturing my blog’s name or my name on every website that offered registration and public profile, while that is a great practice but that’s done by big companies who have got a specialized team to perform such things, it is simply crazy for an individual to do this while writing content and doing other things for the blog. I have stopped it now. I don’t go nuts when I don’t get my name or my blog’s name as a username on a new networking website. I focus on creating my content.

I was playing around with my blog’s design every other day

Though I have always recommended to outsource the work you hate to do but we all end up wasting time on this that really don’t matter that much Anyways, let’s get back to the point, having an appearance on every single social networking site is not going to help you take your blog to the next level.

Take your time, sit down on a day and take a look at your analytics to know where is your traffic coming from, and then focus on that particular thing, I have written about it on the blog already you can read my post.

I was writing on too many blogs

At one point of time I had 20 blogs, I was writing on all of them, and when I wrote a post on a blog, its turn used to come after a week or so. This way, all my blogs were getting updated just once a week or sometimes once a fortnight. This is a bad approach. I was writing almost every day, it would have been better if I had written on selected blog or say only one blog, the blogs would have gotten more focus and would grow fast. It took me years to learn that. I am not writing just two of them. One here and the other is a tech blog.

I was accepting guest posts too easily

As I told you above that I was writing on multiple blogs. This made me in need of content almost all the time, I was used to get emails asking me to publish their guest posts on my blog, I happily this that until one day when I replied to one such request saying that I won’t be able to published, He immediately offered me $50 to publish his guest post to my blog. This made me realize that he was being paid to publish such posts and was being offered was more than that, at least more than $50.

I was procrastinating

Even when I had a lot of time to finish a pending task, such as an eBook or a mini site, I chose to play around with the design of my website or fixing blog elements in the sidebar or organizing stuff on Social Networking websites. Sadly I still haven’t figured out a way to deal with this but it has been reduced.

These was the 5 main things which I was doing from a long time, eliminating these things has improved my blogging. I have got more time to spend with the family, do creative things and go out with friends. This all became possible by clearing the clutter from my life.

Please share things you have learned or eliminated to improve your blogging in the comments below.

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  1. Great points. I’ve been juggling 4 blogs and a full time.job and family for a while and the blogs are suffering! I plan on dropping them all except one.

    I would also change the theme and CSS coding on the main blog every week 🙂 I’ve finally settled on one theme and I’ve kept it now for 2 months. But now I’m procrastinating with pictures for posts. 🙁 Oh well!

    • So, it’s not just me who keeps changing themes every now and then. 🙂
      BTW I have the same design now for quite sometime.
      Best of luck for your blog, I hope you give proper time to it in order give it the growth it deserves.


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