How to Be Successful in Blogging

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People have different stories about their journey to successful blogging, the stories are heard only when you become successful.

I certainly don’t consider myself a successful blogger at all. But I want to tell you all that how I got into this.

The story about my love for computers is very old, so I will not get into it, because this is the only criteria of becoming a blogger, You need to be good In Computers, by this I mean, you should have the knowledge of browsing the internet, read and write emails and fill sign up forms online.

I was year 2006 when I was preparing for chartered accountancy and to support myself with the rents and bills etc, I was doing a part time job in a Global Ventedge, a BPO in Gurgaon, India. I was getting enough money to pay the rent, bills, afford to have pizzas. Financially, I was ok but the major problem was, my studies got affected, I could not prepare for my CA test properly which resulted in failing the test. This was not the only thing which got affected because of my BPO job, my social life was affected too. As I was working in night shifts, I slept the whole day, which affected everything from my studies to my social life to my health. After working for six months I got exhausted and quit the job without serving any notice period.

the main reason for quitting the job was to get some rest of a month and get back to work in the same BPO industry, if not in the same company. I decided to sit at home for one month and do nothing, to kill time I used to surf internet throughout the day. That one month changed my life completely. I signed up to all the social networking sites, made a lot of virtual friends and chatted with them the whole day. One day, my friend told me how he was making money blogging. He told me that he was earning from paid reviews, advertisements etc.

This made me curious, because he was earning four times more than my part time job, and my part time job sucked 6 hours of my every single day and it took me total 3hours in reaching office and getting back home. I knew that I am going to do this, I created a wordpress blog on the someday and start playing with it, within few weeks I read a lot of blogs and e-book about making money online.

Very soon, I made enough money to buy a domain name and afford a hosting for it. I created my blog and started writing on it, but my approach was little wrong, I wrote every blog post thinking of making money with it. No wonder I was making money with it. I thought this was it, I got carried away with it, I was enjoying the freedom of time, I was able to do whatever I wanted, but I under estimated blogging very much.

Now I think I wasted my time by just making money and not a system that could make me money even when I am not working. Something like Steve Pavlina refers on his blog. Right Now, my condition is like that, if I stop working on my blog, my income will start declining.

So, the bottom line is, it was same like a job where I worked and got paid for it.

It was year 2008 when I discovered about blogging not only give you money, but also recognition and it also turns out to be an asset one can be proud of. after doing research about blogging once again, but this time, from a different point of view, with a different motive. and i learnt more in one year than what i learnt in two years. this time, it was about providing valuable content to people and help them solve their problem. Making money from blogging is last in the list.

This made me launch 86blogger so that i can write about what i have learnt and document everything which i am learning. this is why i am not making a hug income from this blog, but motive of this blog is to help people to correct their blogging.


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