How to build Buzz before Launching your Own product

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Many bloggers are launching their own products these and they are successful in making huge, really huge sales.

Still there are bloggers who want to sell their own products. They even launch their products on their respective sites, but the thing is, only their readers (who are sometimes 50 to 100 per days) know about their products. They end up making 5 to 10 sales in all, which hardly covers the cost of their product.

I wanted to share few ideas which should be implemented before launching a product of your own.

Here they are.

Increase Readership

As you have already got a blog, try to make loyal readers, because only those people will buy have will have faith in you and your product. Here is how you can increase your readership

Network With Other Bloggers

Network with other popular bloggers in your niche and talk about them on your blog. They will also talk about you and this will result in exchanging of some really good readers.

Talk About Your Product

Talking about your product before releasing it is another thing you can do to make it popular before its launch.

Do A Pre-launch

Do a pre-launch for a bunch of qualified bloggers/internet marketers and ask them to review the product on their site.

Collect Testimonials

Collect as many testimonials from famous bloggers. Testimonials help you in many ways. People follow thing done by famous and popular bloggers. Looking at the testimonial assures them that the product would be interesting.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is another famous platform to promote your products. Search for people who are really famous on YouTube and talk to them about pitching your product in their videos or hire them to do and advertisement of your products. Research says that the conversion on YouTube is very impressive.

List Building

Start building a list from day one. Get more and more emails in your list. Stay in touch with them and offer discounts on your product.

Social Media

You are a blogger so that does not mean that you should promote your product only on your blog. Go to other places where people gather. Social networking sites are the best to do this. Go there and promote your product. Making Fan Pages on Facebook is a trend which is quite popular nowadays

Joint ventures

Ask for Joint Ventures with other popular bloggers, make them your partner and give them a share of profit if they help you sell your products.

Make a Teaser

Make a teaser of your product and release it before the launch of your product. In this way, people will know whats in it for them. For example , if your product is an eBook, share some of its content as a teaser of the product.


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