How to Create a Blog Worth $100 Million

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Create a $100 Million Blog

If are not living under a rock then you must have aware that Viral Nova, a very popular viral blog that was started in 2013, recently got acquired for a whopping $100 Million. That’s too much for a viral blog that started with a $45 WordPress theme.

But that is not what I am talking about today, the blog surely deserved that price tag considering the amount of traffic and revenue it was generating. My purpose is to let you ask yourself a question: Can you too, make a blog that can go as big as Viral Nova?

I would say, it’s not impossible, you definitely can, but its a little tougher than it seems. I mean, everyone knows how to build a Viral blog, I even wrote about the best process and choosing the best theme, but that’s not everything that will turn your Viral blog the next Viral Nova or even in the neighbourhood of it.

Here are few lessons you can take from the Founder of Vial Nova

Scott DeLong

1.Scott DeLong, the founder of Viral Nova used to work on his blog 16 hours/day, even on the weekends, he stated that he had almost no social life while he was making thousands of dollars per day just from the advertising.

2. He had a prior experience in building successful websites and Viral Nova was not a one hit wonder. He was into making websites from the last decade, that’s actually the time when Internet was still in its childhood.

3. He did not take too long to launch his website, He quickly picked a good looking premium WordPress theme and started creating content that everybody wanted to read and share.

Viral Nova Following

4. He focussed on just one Social Network, that is, Facebook. Because that was where his visitors were, he put all his energy into leveraging that and not spending time to be on all the Social Platforms The following of  Viral Nova on other Social Platforms is almost nothing when compared to its following on Facebook.

5. He Hired people to Create more content when it was beyond his control to do all the things on his own. This allowed him more time to manage other aspects of his website without slowing down the production of Content.

These five points may look simple when you read them, but they are very important in creating a successful website. For most of us, creating the next Viral Nova may not be the goal, but we all want to create a website that is valued at $100 Million.

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 6 WordPress Themes to Start a Viral Blog


So, want to make a blog that’s worth $100 Million?

If you haven’t got a blog yet, go read this guide to create a viral blog, it will help you even if you are into looking to create a ‘viral blog’. Choose the best WordPress theme if your content is Visual in nature.

If you’ve already got a blog, then learn the 5 lessons we’ve learned from Viral Nova Founder and try applying that in your blogging.

Hope this will fill some motivation in you to get serious about your blog. Thanks for reading. 


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