How to Easily Limit Post Revisions in WordPress

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A Few days ago, I shared about the Post editor and how it lets you control all your blogs from just one place.

In fact, I even wrote about the WordPress app for my MacBook Air to publish posts on all my blogs.

But I faced a little problem

When you use the post editor (either on the or in the Native App) it keeps communicating with your individual blog keeping your posts autosaved every 60 seconds.

This leaves a lot of revisions for each post you Publish via post editor or the WordPress app. I’ve reached as much as 50 revisions for my posts.

Post Revisions.jpg

It isn’t a big problem but it was stilling troubling me, and I would have simply stopped using the app altogether. But I am so much addicted to the WordPress app for publishing my posts that I had to figure this out and limit revisions instead of stop using WordPress app.

There are two ways to limit posts.

Add this code to your blog to limit post revisions.

You have to put a line of code in the wp-config.php file of your blog, which can be accessed either from the cPanel of your hosting or an FTP client (FileZilla)

Step 1: Open wp-config.php using a su_notepad.

Step 2: Put this code before. /* Thats all, stop editing! Happy Blogging. */

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3 );

3 desu_notes that the post will keep only three revisions, meaning the newer one will overwrite the older ones keeping just 3 revisions at any given time. You can change the value to make it work accordingly.

You can write false, or 0, that will not store any revisions (except the one autosave per post)

If this looks little too overwhelming to you, here is a simpler option available.

Install the ‘Revision Control’ plugin in your blog.

The ‘Revisions Control’ does exactly what it is named for. It controls the post revisions. If you are someone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty with coding. This works well.

Download this plugin, upload and install it. Or search for ‘Revison Control’ the the Add Plugins area and install it.

You can find the Plugin Options under ‘Settings’ section of your WordPress dashboard.

Limit Post Revisions 01.jpg

There you can select the number of revisions you want. 3 to 5 revisions are fine.

Should you do it even if you don’t use WordPress App to publish posts?

Well, if you have got a lot of posts and keep making changes to your posts every now and then, it is better to keep them limited.

WordPress treats every Revision as a child entry to the main post (like attachments) and the more revisions you have, the most entries will be there.

Even if you get 10 revisions in almost all your posts, and you have got over 100 posts in your blog. There will be 1000 entries in your database for no reason.

I hope this post helped you in limiting posts revisions on your blog. You can also delete post revisions on your older posts using the WordPress Optimizer plugin.


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