How to Find New Exciting Ideas to Blog About

This post is written by Srini who is an avid blogger who likes to learn more about blogging.

Looking at my WordPress dashboard, I realized I already wrote more than 60 blog posts in the last 2 months. Yes, these figures are inspiring and I know not every blogger may easily come up with a good blog, much less one that hits the bull’s eye. So today, I am going to share with you how I was able to find achieve this inspiring task.

Message boards

These areas are an excellent source of information for the next blog post, particularly if you are writing on a certain niche. Netizens lurk on message boards discussing about anything that interests them. Check out the latest message or discussion thread and find a topic that may be of good read for your niche.

Google search

This is another great source to find good content for your blog. Key in the keyword or your niche and the search engine will give you related topics or the topics that have already been written by other bloggers. In my case, if I blog on the same topic, I find delight in acknowledging the points that others mentioned and give credits to their blogs. But of course, there are always other points forgotten by some bloggers and that is what I include in my blog post.

There are many other ways to find a topic for your niche when everything else fails or when you feel you have written about the most recent news. In my blog about weight loss, I include the changes I made in my diet or exercise regimen. But of course, I make a disclaimer on it and provide some facts to support the change I made. Sometimes, you can do the following:

  • Write a review on a service or product
  • Write about a certain company in your industry
  • Write about a gadget
  • Write something about your competitor
  • Write about the top 10 companies or CEOs in your industry
  • Make a top list of anything

 Regular schedule

Following a regular schedule is really very effective in coming up with content for your blog. I know it is hard but I force myself into writing a blog post every day of the week – apart of Sunday. Of course, there are days when I cannot find something to write about my niche so I write about something else.

It may be hard to follow a regular schedule. But being regular does not mean you have to do it every single day. There are bloggers who make it regular to blog every week, twice a month, or once a month. I know some who blog even the daily mortgage rates and include personal comments and those of the others. There is an institution that posts weekly bank rates on a press release. If you decide to write about the top 100 companies in your industry and make a regular post on it, you may have some companies in your industry your readers and know where they stand on your list!

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