How to Fix Your WordPress Site when Your Theme Breaks.

Imagine a scenario where you are doing some edits in the theme’s files from Theme Editor, you make some changes and press the save button, and the theme breaks.

Your heart sinks because your site was live, and people were browsing the pages.

The worst part is, your sites is not accessible at all, you can’t log in, and you cannot undo the changes.

This is surely a nightmare for any blogger. I’ve been there myself several times.

There is an easy fix which I think you should know. Visit your website from via FTP.

FileZilla is a great free FTP Client which is the only thing you will need. Download from here.

Also, make sure you have got the theme downloaded (and unzipped) on your desktop.

Use the login credentials for your server you got in the email, and connect to it.

The path to your theme would be,

Now, all you need to do is, upload the exact file you messed up in your blog’s theme. Reaplce it and your blog will be back to life.

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