How to Get Better at Writing

I was never interested in writing when I was in School, I have always wanted to skip the writing part of School. Be it Homework in School or Assignments in College. My focus was to find ways to ignore spending time sitting at one place and write. So How did I start writing more than 10000 words a week.

First of let me tell you that I don’t count words, when I say I write more than 10000 words in a week, it means that I write a lot, maybe 20-30 well researched articles a week, it’s just that it give a good idea that I write a lot. So, How did I get there?

It is a combined effort of creating a system of writing tools and some tricks that that help me create words easily. Here are the tools I have been using.
I do understand that these tools are useless if you don’t know what to writer and how to write, these tools only help you write write conveniently.

Write the way you talk

As I said before I didn’t love writing, but ended up writing more than an average guy out there. I wasn’t good at writing but was good at talking, I started writing what I was talking and suddenly I was good articles.

Keep a personal blog

When I started blogging, I made sure I only publish quality article on it, but I wanted to write more than what I was publishing. I started a personal blog to write about random stuff on a daily basis. Now, when I look back at the articles I published on my personal blog, I can clearly see the improvement in my writing.

Get Feedback for your Writing

Prior to starting a personal blog, I was writing about random stuff and save it on my PC. There was no way to see if I am doing well or not. Starting to write on the personal blog gave me the ability to get feedback for my writing and see what kind of post I getting more exposure. The feedback I got helped me make changes to my writing style accordingly.

Read More to Write More

There are many talented writers out their on, my personal blog gave me the opportunity to to read such blogs, even though these blogs were not even remotely related to my niche, they helped me grow interest in writing better articles.

Do whatever works for you

Some people love to write when they are alone, some write more at Cafes, or while listening to their favorite music, try out things and see what works for you.
To write better, you have to create your own system which can only be created when you try out several ways on your own.
This article may have given you the idea but you have to work on it and give time.


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