How to Get The Maximum Out of Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most dominating program for making money online. Google AdSense is used by so many bloggers and webmasters and even if they don’t use it, they at least give it a try once.

Even I use Google AdSense on my blogs. But it’s not that much successful for everyone. This is all because Google has different price structure for different keywords. Now that every blog can not be of the same topic, so every blogs is targeted by different keywords.

All you need to do is to do some research about the keywords which are highly paid and then start writing on your blog about that particular topic, as Google AdSense crawls the content of the blog or website and then sends the ads.


There are so many things, which should be kept in mind.

These are:-

  1. Highest paid keywords have high competition, so it depends on you which keyword you take.
  2. There are keywords which could give you some $1 for a click and there are some keywords, which will pay you $0.10. So it totally depends on you what you want to take.
  3. After selecting the right keyword, don’t think you are done, its just one step of the stair to make money.
  4. The Google AdSense shows only three ad units on a page, so the placement of those units is really very important.
  5. It should not act as a distraction to the reader.
  6. It should be placed in such a way, that it should look like a part of your website or blog.
  7. The font and the colours of the ads should be like your blog’s or website’s font and colour, for that you can download a small file called ColorPIX (Search in Google)  which is easy to use.
  8. After doing all that, start writing quality content and more relevant to the keyword you want Google AdSense to target.
  9. Keep in mind that the regular readers are not going to click on your ads as they already know about them or have clicked on the interesting ones. Your main focus should be on visitors coming from Search Engines, so take time to work on your SEO.
  10. Replace your blog’s default search with Google for search, it is responsible for 10% of the total revenue on my blog, which should not be neglected.

The list for improvement goes on and on, its a matter of trial and error, this is how you get to know what works for you. Please do share your tips on the comment section.

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