How to Get Traffic from Search Engines

After writing the post about how to make your blog Google friendly, I thought I’d write a post which can help your get traffic from all the search engines.

Write searchable titles of the posts

This is a common sense. The results which show up in search engine have the keywords in the title of the posts which are searched. So you should try writing the titles exactly how they are searched.

For example: if someone is searching for a procedure to make Tea, the he will be typing in How to make tea in the search engine, you should use it in your post title. It however does not guarantee your posts to show up on the top as there are so many other factors for it.

Bookmarking your posts heavily

There is this trick to indirectly rank high in search engines with the help of other popular bookmarking sites. Try to bookmark your posts on all the popular bookmarking sites and make is easy for readers to do so. Use plugging like Sexy Bookmarks or Socialize to show icons below the posts so that readers can share and bookmark it. By doing this, your original link may not rank on top but the link of the bookmarked site can show up on the top which will indirectly brings the Search Engine traffic.

Proper link building inside your blog

I have succeeded in doing this. I have ranked well for few particular long tail keywords just by interlinking my posts in the blog. Whenever you write another post which is related to a post you have written in the past, try to link it in the new post. Do not hyperlink Click Here or Read It but try to use the keywords which you have used in the title of that post.

Back links from other blogs

This is quite tough and beyond your control but you can try to get back links by directly asking your fellow bloggers to link back if they ever write a post on related topic or try to write a post which is valuable enough to get back links, there is another thing that when your blog becomes famous, you really don’t have to put any effort to get back links from other blogs.

Use YouTube to get search engine traffic

You must have observed that even YouTube videos show up in search results, this is another fair opportunity to get traffic from search engines, creating videos on YouTube and title them well. When they get searched you surely will get some good traffic.

Use twitter to get search engine traffic

If you are aware of twitter, they you must know that twitter links now show up in search results. So talking about your blog posts on twitter can help you get traffic if someone lands on your twitter profile from search engine.

This is it for search engine traffic, there are many other ways to get traffic for your blog posts, read how to get 1000 visitors to your new post.

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